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The Baby Game – Breeding Conservative Christians

babiesFrom time to time, we've carried stories about the proponents of "the demographic winter," who say that declining birth rates are creating a social and economic disaster.  While the logic of the demographic winter has been challenged, it is popular among some Christian groups.

You may have had friends send you the dire warning video about how Islamic populations are growing at a far greater rate than Christian populations.  If you haven't seen it, here it is (by the way, it was debunked by the BBC, but that hasn't stopped its viral effect).  It's been viewed over 12 million times and comes with the description,

"Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims."

With this type of thinking, it's no wonder that the Christian right is trying to get rid of reproductive choice, ban birth control and pass personhood amendments.

Citing a Pew Forum study showing that more American women are opting to not have children, particularly if higher education and careers are important to them, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has this to say: That's OK – let's just outbreed 'em.  He writes,

… apparently the more educated they are, the fewer kids they have. Colleges and universities, dominated by secular fundamentalists and anti-marriage and anti-family feminists, are apparently leeching the maternal instincts right out of the female lemmings entrusted to their care …

All this represents a marvelous opportunity for conservatives. We can regain political control of this country by simply following the biblical mandate to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” This cultural mandate from God, as recorded in Genesis 1:28, has never been rescinded. It is as much in effect today as the moment it was first uttered.

If secular fundamentalists don’t want to pay any attention to this directive, fine. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, if they’re not going to have kids, who’s gonna stop ‘em?

To “multiply” or “increase in number,” as other translations put it, means that the average family needs to have at least three children, since by having two children parents only replace themselves. (Of course, medical problems may make this impossible for some.)

Since we need to make up for the childbearing aversion of our secular fundamentalist friends, perhaps each conservative family can set out to have at least four children. It won’t be too long before our poor, outflanked elites will be so badly outnumbered by a new generation imbued with the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition they may have to start having children of their own just to fight back and retain a sliver of cultural influence.

Fischer is a confirmed speaker at the Family Research Council's 2010 Values Voters Conference to be held this September.  At this year's event, the Duggar family, which includes 19 kids, will be receiving the Family Research Council's first ever pro-family entertainment award.  Says Tony Perkins, FRC Action President,

"We're proud to announce that the Duggar family will be the recipients of our first pro-family entertainment award. Together with our sponsors, FRC Action will be honoring the Duggars' positive influence on American television during a special segment of the Values Voter Summit.

"As cameras follow the family around for their popular reality show, Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids have been outspoken ambassadors for Christian values in a secular world. Together with parents from across the country, we want to pay tribute to their commitment to faith and family in an industry and culture that so desperately need it."

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