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Religious News Verses: Ray Comfort's Mustache and Today's Demon Watch

newsEvangelist and creationist Ray Comfort needs some more money for his Living Waters Ambassador's Academy by the end of June in order to "raise up more workers for the harvest":

Expenses for the June Academy are due at the end of this month and we have the July and August academy expenses to cover as well. Specifically today, I ask you to prayerfully consider how you might help us offset the coming expenses and raise the remaining $45,000 needed. Your gift to support our decision to cut the Academy cost in half helps us make the Academy possible for more than 300 people who otherwise might not have been able to attend. The Lord is using the Ambassadors' Academy to raise up hundreds of workers for the harvest and they are igniting their churches to a greater level of zeal and urgency for reaching their communities with the gospel.

Comforts promises to shave his mustache off if a million dollar gift comes in (very end of urgent appeal video).

Meanwhile, Cindy Jacobs and her Generals International still need money. A matching grant for $15,000 was given and as of Friday night, June 25, 2010, the website shows that she is up to $11,852. They'll undoubtedly reach the matching grant by the July 7 deadline.

devilNonetheless, it appears that Generals International has been under attack from four vortexes of demons which were blocking their fundraising successes and were threatening to shut down Generals International. The angel Gabriel, however, visited the group's accountant and revealed to her that the media work will continue on.

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