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Some People Collect Baseball Cards, Others Rosaries

rosary collectionRosary beads  are used by Catholics for silent prayer and meditation.  Although she is not Catholic and doesn't know how to use them, Alexandra Navarro collects rosaries.

Navarro has been given them, found them in garage sales, bought them from thrift shops, and has added to her collection wherever else she can find them.  A seven-time ovarian cancer survivor, Navarro was inspired to collect the religious objects when she met a man on a riverboat cruise in Oregon, who told her that he had over 14,000 rosaries in his collection.

She has rosaries from Italy and France.  Some are wood; some were owned by priests.  She also has some holy water collections.

Unfortunately, she did not say exactly how many rosaries she has in her collection in the news clip below, which will load in a few seconds.

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