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Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Christian Reconstructionism

R. J. RushdoonyMany people do not know about Christian Reconstructionism (or Christian Dominionist theology), advocated by the late R. J. Rushdoony.

In an interview with the Rev. Welton Gaddy on State of Belief, Professor Julie Ingersoll explains how Christian Reconstructionist thought is at the root of the dominionism that animates the contemporary religious right. You can hear the interview at Religion Dispatches.

According to Ingersoll, family values that are based on Biblical patriarchy are a key component of Christian Reconstructionism, which says that three institutions in society have been ordained by God: Civil government, church government and family government.

Welton Gaddy noted that politics are heavily influenced by Reconstructionists these days, particularly the notion that America is an exclusively Christian Nation. He also noted that Reconstructionism was underway as a movement at least a decade before the rise of the religious right.

When asked if she thought that the Reconstructionists would be critical of the religious right, Ingersoll thought that they would be because the religious right does not understand the philosophical underpinnings and tends to pick and chose from Bible. She also thought that the Reconstructionists would think that the religious right places too much emphasis on politics, when family and church also require reform. She said that Reconstructionists believe in an ecclesiastical court system as described in the Bible, noting that there are some churches that have these court systems in place at their churches.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are not directly connected to Christian Reconstructionism, but they are connected to it through association with Constitution Party events and ties with known Reconstructionists. Ingersoll noted that Gary North worked on Ron Paul's congressional staff, so the ties are clearly there. She said that if Gary North and Ron Paul shared views, and if Rand Paul embraces his father's views, then there is influence. However, she made it clear that she does not want to claim that Rand is a closet Reconstructionist.

Listen to the audio here.

Classic Christian Reconstructionists' Views on Humanism, Homosexuals, and Evolution, with R. J. Rushdoony and others.

Here's a video of a panel of Reconstructionists at the Florida Reconstructionist Conference held in Clearwater, Florida in 1998, including R. J. Rushdoony, Gary DeMar and Colonel Doner, where they claim that both humanism and the gay and lesbian communities are collapsing.  They also believed that evolution is being disproved by "eminent scientists" and that the authority of science is also collapsing.

DeMar says that their goal is to force people to look at things in absolutes.

Rushdoony talks about rampant sin, and how modernism, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment movements were sinful movements away from Christianity. He claimed that DeMar and Doner were making a tremendous, revolutionary step forward for Christianity.

Doner talks about how the family needs to come first; otherwise, the proponents of the Reconstructionist movement would burn out.

Rushdoony says that the logical conclusion of democracy is to destroy morality; i.e., the concepts of good and evil because everything is equal in democracy. He favors an authoritarian government based on Biblical standards. Rushdoony also claimed that Darwin's theories have led society against Biblical morality and that "we are in deep trouble."

Reforming All Aspects of Culture for Rule by the King of Kings.

The following video, which is a sales piece for 10 hours worth of Reconstructionist teachings, advocates a "neo-Puritan" philosophy for engaging the culture, particularly in the area of public policy. The ultimate authority for governing the nation should be the Biblical God and Jesus Christ, according to the Reconstructionist theology. "Restoring the crown rights of the King Jesus" is the theme of theology taught in the video. It calls for "the reformation of all aspects of our culture" for the glory of God.

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  • As a Libertarian, I found it troubling when Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. I did not realize Paul was so deeply affiliated with Gary North. This interview, together with Rand Paul's recent statement that we would need no laws if everyone went to church, makes me seriously question the motivations of these candidates and Libertarianism in general, which I thought supported separation of church and state. Granted, these two are members of the GOP, but they do enjoy a lot of Libertarian support.

    It seems like the Libertarian party is being taken over by religious zealots just as much as the Republican party has been.

    • Don Wood

      Separation of Church and State is ONLY found in the now defunct Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist's Republic. A Biblical worldview shaped our country and every one of our Patriot Fathers, and what is shocking is that people like you come right out in the open and deny these things. No shame in ignorance which is curable by an education leads to stupidity which is a terminal condition. That you can OPENLY espouse your erroneous views proves how far we are down the slippery slope. Having fun yet?

      • Quote:Separation of Church and State is ONLY found in the now defunct Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist's Republic.

        Don Wood, it doesn't seem you have ever taken the time to read the constitution of your country..

  • S

    You fail to mention the fact that Murray Rothbard (a huge inspiration to the entire libertarian ideology) was the founding president of the John Randolph Club whose goal is to seek the "renewal of Christendom".

    The only reason why they want "less government" is because they don't want to lose their tax-exempt status cause they believe that "tax is theft".

    States don't lobby church. Churches lobby states. I agree with the Pauls on several issues including ending the drug/overseas war but as far repealing the 16th amendment…NO WAY.

    • Thanks for this info!

      I am not familiar with Murray Rothbard, so I'll need to research that. That sounds like another article …

      What I do know is that as it stands today, the Libertarian Party's platform is quite clear about church/state. 1.1 of the platform reads, "We favor the freedom to engage in or abstain from any religious activities that do not violate the rights of others. We oppose government actions which either aid or attack any religion." Because of the church/state philosophy, the LP is the only one that I know of that has come out in support of repealing DOMA. There might be other political parties with this strong of a stance, but it certainly is not the Democrats or Republicans who pander to the religious right.

      The Libertarian Platform makes a lot of sense to me. As far as whether the members support it is another issue. It's sort of like the ultra-religious promoting Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."


      Although I have personally agreed with a lot of what Ron Paul has said, I have lost all enthusiasm for his campaigns because of his apparent leanings toward Christian reconstructionist/dominionist theology.

  • I'm inspired. On behalf of myself and all of the other Maine delegates and alternates for Ron Paul, Thank You Pat! As far as I'm concerned, you sir, are Maine's Ron Paul. Carrying the torch of liberty all the way from Maine to the big infomercial for us. Man! You kept your word and, in the face of adversity, represented Maine's voice for freedom and the US Constitution with dignity, valor, and stewardship. This Revolution has just begun. The inertia has reached critical mass and cannot slow down at this point. Let's make the best of the next four years of McBama and use the broken promises and failed policy to our advantage for 2012. It's not that far off and there's much work to be done. Join campaignforliberty.com and elect those local and state officials to keep the grass roots we've all planted growing! Don't lose faith; the Grand Experiment put into motion by our Founding Fathers is counting on us. "There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil. Some are greater than I am. Against some I have not yet been measured. But my time is coming." – Gandalf

  • Interesting and informative, but will you write about this one more?

  • I was very blessed reading this material.

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  • Ngoldwe

    Christian Reconstructionism and its Dominionist offshoot are clear and present dangers to the American Republic. Dominionists have infected every area of our institutions of government and military. They are planning a takeover of America to establish theocracy, violently if they see it as necessary. The only proper response to this insidious threat to our liberties and rights as is enshrined in our Constitution is confrontation. What is needed is a serious-minded and aggressive grass roots effort to combat these treasonous and seditionist people!!

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