The Enlightened Gardener

The Enlightened Gardener A Novel

Beset by daily life's trials and tribulations, many people search for the elusive wisdom that will help them make sense of their journey and find inner peace. So, too, do the characters in this wonderful story by Sydney Banks. In this simple but profound tale, four colleagues meet a remarkable gardener whose unique philosophy will forever change their lives. That philosophy is equally powerful for the reader. The wisdom within these pages comes in the form of a straightforward message that is accessible to all who open their hearts to it.

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5 Stars Truth
Having an intimacy with the earth in relation to our body's survival, we need a garden to do so. This book shows truth in a practical real life way of achieving your goals through consistent devotion to the goal while in praise and worship to God. Seek and ye shall find! Everyone needs to tend to their garden in life, everyone. Read. Research. Reveal!

Judy Mowatt sings to us "Many Are Called!" Look it up, have a listen,and enjoy. Thanks Judy!


1 Star The Worst Kind of Propaganda
This is a disgusting little book deceptively offering a seemingly simple and upbeat story. However, this book communicates an extreme hostility to intellectual thought, and it panders to people who seek simplistic and adolescent answers to complex human problems.

5 Stars Psychology is a Science
In our lifetime Sydney Banks became aware of the three natural laws from which all human experience is created and sustained. As a result of his discovery, psychology evolved and revealed it's simplistic – scientific nature. Banks will go down in history as the father of modern psychology. Get ahead of the curve and read anything you can get your hands on. His life was a mirror reflection of what he taught.

5 Stars A beautiful book that changes each time you read it.
Like all Mr. Banks' books, The Enlightened Gardener is rich with wisdom and beauty, and guides the reader to insights that are new, but feel familiar and true. Although I have read it many times, it seems that each time I pick it up again (whether a day, or several months after the last time)it feels like I'm reading a new book. I know that sounds strange, but new insights come alive, and it's as if I'd never read that particular sentence or phrase before. Sometimes I will open it up at random, read for a few minutes, and close it again, filled with feelings of peace and gratitude. I know this book has changed many lives, including those of people who had previously been in severe mental distress. Something comes through that is beyond the words, and it is extremely powerful.

5 Stars Can a simple book alter the way you see the world?
Sydney Banks' The Enlightened Gardener is a simple book. Like all of Mr. Banks novels, this book presents simple characters, environments, and ideas with the focus on dialogue rather than action. Those used to reading self-help literature might find themselves even snickering at the flowery nature of the author's prose and lack of complexity in the relationships of the characters. When the book is finished, however, the world changes, as the reader's ego is unaware that it has been charmed into seeing something new, something valuable. The next book in the series, The Enlightened Gardener Revisited, continues to charm while even more eclectic concepts are offered to relax your thinking and create the "good feeling" Mr. Banks is noted for creating in those who meet him or read his works.

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