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Fallacies of Reincarnation

Fallacies of Reincarnation

For many the question surrounding reincarnation is whether or not it really happens?… This seems to be a widely debated issue, and you are likely to find more views on the topic than questions about it. It is interesting though that so many of our current day philosophies denies this and others simply seem to ignore it.. This despite their acknowledgement of an immortal soul.. "One has to wonder where it is they think they come from?… How it is they have come to being?…. (never mind where they are going…)"

The principles of reincarnation are based on principles which support the immortality of the soul, as well as a perpetual movement through time of the soul. This occurs when the soul incarnates itself into various bodies, for the time that these bodies can sustain physical life. After this the soul moves on to the next body, to infinity.

Whilst at first glance this may seem somewhat disorganized, once the full picture becomes clearer, you will find that this happens in perfect order and for lack of better description " with a plan in mind which is apparently your plan".

Sadly also is the simple fact that the significant speculation that has taken place about this topic, has led to an incredible number of fallacies evolving over time. Fallacies which has not only increased the confusion about this topic but also has managed to lead many astray.

This list starts with at least these :

  • You are not going to come back as a dog or a cat or a fish, in your next life time. Anyone who suggests this as a possibility has not even begun to understand the principles of this subject.
  • Reincarnation is not a simple and random body hopping exercise, but rather a well organized and well planned process designed to enhance spirit development.
  • Reincarnation does not follow the physical universe chronology / timeline. Since time does not exist in the spirit world, there is no reason why you have to follow the same chronology for your next incarnation. I.e. having died in year 2005, does not mean that you can only come back in 2005 or later. You could come back in the year 1905, if you like.
  • You always have total control over where and as who you return. Of course this may not be based on conscious decision making processes however, in principle your choice of incarnation is always based on your spiritual evolutionary level, and finding a match for this.
  • Remembering your past lifetimes are not only possible, but memories from previous life times may have significant impact on how you perceive this life time.
  • Reincarnation does not take place until you are ready to take up your next body (or have found an appropriate body), and as such there are no time limits or minimum periods spent in the spirit world between incarnations. This will take as long or as short as you need it to be. Keeping in mind that you can not measure a timeless environment using physical measuring sticks of time anyway.
  • Your reincarnation is not limited to this planet or physical universe whatsoever. There are innumerable planets and universes which offer opportunity for incarnation into.
  • And slightly more obscure is that if you can imagine it, or dream it, or think it, you have probably done it…. In at least one of your incarnations…. Of which there were more than you can count…
  • So now that you know this, you could probably explore a little further, and see just where it might all go.

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    Help answer the question about reincarnation

    How was reincarnation understood in the context of Christian belief, before the church disavowed such belief?
    I know that reincarnation was accepted as a Christian belief until the Middle Ages. Where can I find reliable scholarship discussing how reincarnation was understood, in the context of Christianity, during the period before it was disavowed/ discarded by the Church? Who is knowledgeable on this topic and willing to share?
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    Pieter Heydenrych
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    Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master who maintains Wicca and Esoteric Library . Pieter is also the author of a controversial E-book on reincarnation called, Reincarnation, the "GOD" condition

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    • Jim

      if my theory is correct he is imagining a past life, and that life will be identical to this one so sadly we conclude James will die in a plane crash in a fighter jet in the future, hope not but this is what my theory suggests. check it out type up

      Reincarnation scientific evidence

    • I just find reincarnation to be pointless and another ancient myth from people wishing to live on forever. What are we exactly supposed to learn that can't be learned in one life? How did reincarnation come into existence when life didn't always exist? And where are all the souls stashed while they wait to drop in a body? Were the souls created at the same time of the Earth/universe or were they always floating around somewhere? Is there a God operating this system? Once again, why?

    • Reincarnation is the opposite of "created from nothing and return to nothing". Atheists think your current life is all there is. Those who believe in reincarnation believe in continuity – you continue from a previous life and will continue on after death into another life.

    • Actually, in the Hindu paradigm of reincarnation, a new atman would arise every time a new desire arose within Brahman. There is no upper or lower limit to the number of atman which could exist at once.
      Now, past life regression is another matter.

    • if recarnating is true i hope i meet my family in it.

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