Nine O'Clock in the Morning

Nine OClock in the Morning

An Episcopal priest, a spiritual wilderness, and a couple who shared the fire led to longed-for renewal. This now-classic story tells how the Charismatic movement began and swept into the churches.

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5 Stars Every Christian should read this book…
If you want to be encouraged and uplifted this book is a must. God has not left us to do His work without enabling us with His power. This book explains with testiomony what that means…

5 Stars Nine O'clock in the Morning
A true and excellent book by Episcopal priest, Father Dennis Bennett, relating his own experience(s) regarding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1960s and beyond. A truly authentic, accurate and wonderful book which inspires, comforts and informs the reader about the Third Person of the Trinity. I recommend it to all.

5 Stars Just a Great Book about the Holy Spirit and You.
This book was foundational in introducing me to the Holy Spirit as a witness for Jesus. It describes that "Charismatic" experience of a long time Episcopalian priest. As there are as many opinions about religion as there are about politics, I simply say, "If you are looking for more in Christianity; especially if you were brought up Catholic or Anglican, then I recommend it."

5 Stars Nine O'Clock in the Morning
I read Nine O'clock in the Morning years ago and it changed my life, now all these years later I needed to reread it and was so glad it was still in print…this book was the beging of my desire for more of Holy Spirit I loaded it to a friend and it touched her heart soooooo much.. the anointing is still on this book..

5 Stars None O'Clock in the Morning
This is an excellent book for those who are seeking a closer relationship with God through the Holy Spirit

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