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Karma And Incarnation Principal In Hindu Religion


The Hindu Religion is a big treasure of Golden principles settled by the Great saints who sacrificed their life in research for the benefit of the mankind. The twin beliefs of deeds (karma) and reincarnation (re-birth) are among one of the Hinduism's many jewels of great knowledge. The principles are not mere assumptions but are the laws of the cosmos.



Our great saints (rishis) researches that the God's force of gravity shapes cosmic order, karma shapes the order of our life journey. Our sequence of various lives are the basic reason behind creating and resolving positive and negative deeds and their combination, because in every life we create some positive or negative deeds or Karmas. During the succession of a soul's lives-through the mysteries of our higher chakras and God's and Guru's Grace-no karmic situation will arise that exceeds an individual's ability to resolve it in love and understanding.  


Literal meaning of Karma is "deed or act," but in broad, it describes the principle of cause and effect or action and reaction.  


These days people talks too much about "Past Life" and are very keen about their past lives and are spending time, money and efforts to explore their past life, which is in actual is unnecessary. Indeed it is a natural protection not to know about your past life which relives us from past trauma or becoming obsessed more with our past lives that our present life that the inner recesses of the muladhara memory chakra are not easily accessed. For, as we exist now is a sum total of all our past lives. In our present moment, our body and mind state is the cumulative result of the entire spectrum of our past lives. So, this is not significant that the intellectual know these two key principles of Karma and Incarnation, but significant this is how we live currently to positively shapes our karma and opens up spiritually. Knowing the law, that we are responsible for the fruits of karmas from past lives and creating karma that will project into future, will definitely advance us spiritually as we can try to neutralize our act or Karma.  


In simple, the law of Karma is the law of action and reaction which affect, manage and governs our consciousness. Most of the people know the principle of physics postulated by Sir Isaac Newton that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. In spiritual science i.e. science beyond science, the law of karma stats that for every physical, mental and even emotional act, whether significant or insignificant, big or small, is manifested out in psychic mind substance and finally returns to the individual with equal reaction or impact in various forms / events.  


Actually our higher Chakras or energy centers can store and record in their memory and such cosmic memory at our higher chakras level records the impressions of our souls during its series of lives on earth, and in the astral/mental worlds in-between earth existences. Our ancient Yogi, while psychically studying the time line of cause/effect, divided the karmas or deeds in three categories. 


Ø      The first is sanchita karma or collected deed, the sum total of our past created karma which are yet to be experience or resolved by us.  


Ø      The second is prarabdha Karma, this is that portion of sanchita karma, the effect of which is being experienced in the present life. 


Ø      The Third one is Kriyamana Karma, this is type of Karma or deeds which we are creating presently by our mental, physical or emotional acts.   


However, our yogis / saints also postulated the key to this karmic law, that the negative sanchita karma or negative collective deeds can be transformed into positive or easier state though our loving nature, development of heart chakra, performing pious & religious dharma, mediation and spiritual practice. So, live simply, religiously, positively with love and you will create positive deeds or karma for future and ease the negativity of your past negative deeds.  Karma operates not only individually, but also in ever-enlarging circles of group karma where we participate in the sum karma of multiple souls. This includes family, community, nation, race and religion, even planetary group karma. So if we, individually or collectively, unconditionally love and give, we will be loved and given to. The individuals or groups who act soulfully or maliciously toward us are the vehicle of our own karmic creation. The people who manifest your karma are also living through past karma and simultaneously creating future karma. For example, if their karmic pattern did not include miserliness, they would not be involved in your karma of selfishness. Another person may express some generosity toward you, fulfilling the gifting karma of your past experience. Imagine how intricately interconnected all the cycles of karma are for our planet's life forms. 


Many people believe in the principle of karma, but don't apply its laws to their daily life or even to life's peak experiences. There is a tendency to cry during times of personal crisis, "Oh God, why you did this to me?" or "I always did good deeds in my life so didn't deserve this?" The believer of Karmic law must know that while the God creator and sustaining the cosmic law of karma, He does not manage or distribute the individual karma. Look at Wrestler or a T. B. Patient, God does not produce T. B. ailment in one's body and fitness / strength of the wrestler in another's, but by exercising our soul's powers of creation, we himself create our own experiences. This principle of Karma, then, is our best spiritual teacher. Spiritually we learn and grow as our actions return to us to be resolved and dissolved. In this highest sense, there is no good and bad karma; there is self-created experience that presents opportunities for spiritual advancement of us. If we can't learn the karma lessons, then only we refuses to accept and/or hurt by it, pouring us with physical, mental or emotional. The original substance of our deeds or karmic event is already passed and no longer exists, but this is our current reaction that creates a new condition of Karma or experience. So, we need to neutralize our own reaction to stop this cycle of Karma creation or alternatively practice to surrender our Karmas to God spiritually by not expecting the fruit of it. 

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  • And I love eating beef. I don't eat too much meat, probably, three times a week, and my diet is healthy.

    But saying eating beef is wrong, because in your culture it gave milk and for farming is not right, because for example in Britain, it provided rich food in the earlier centuries.

    Too much meat, is not good to eat. Just a little is ok, but overall, India is full of freaky religions.

    Some look nice and cool, but others one TINY example of rat worshipping is crazy.

  • Jim

    anticonversion, Hinduism is full of wider beliefs. The science is one aspect, which is cool, just knowlege. But there is also a lot of nonsense and insane ritualistic teaching. There is good teaching, and then insane.

    Hindus in India to be honest are a joke, they way some worship. It's freaky. This is my opinion and I am sure millions will agree, having some elephant god as a statue where people sing songs and act foolishly weird, it's scary. I do wonder why Western Europe has moved on. 😉

  • Every living creature and everything in creation is sacred, for it is made by the Lord and there is the energy of the Lord in it!
    If a higher evolved beings life is in jeopardy because of the low evolved one (eg snake or rat) then there is nothing wrong in killing the low evolved one if there is no other option. Pls go in-depth into the Hindu philosophy before criticising what u see on the surface! God bless U!

  • Hinduism today is rather pantheistic; God is everything and everything is God. They believe in reincarnation until you have completely fulfilled your dharma, at which point you join God for eternity.
    It is different from Western religion because they have many faces of their God; commonly seen as different gods themselves. These are known as "avatars," basically moods of the one god.
    It is similar in some aspects, but there are a great deal of things to disagree about between the two.

  • Hindus believe in one all-encompassing Spirit, but the Spirit is represented in many facets whom can be identified as different gods. It's very similar to what many Wiccans believe, actually.

  • occam's razor, people. whether or not i believe in a god has had no effect on the way my environment interacts with me (i've experienced no evidence that favors the existance of karma or any god-like beings). so why should i believe in things that i haven't experienced? religion is our way of filling in the gaps of our knowledge without using the scientific method.

  • Ganges—-if you want to know more read up about the story of Ganga and Shiva

  • I know there is a one dimension, this is the origin or father of all phenomenon or appearances..Would a Christian or HIndu believe this to be their God…?

  • Hinduism is actually a very old religion, it's one of the oldest religions that a decent number of people still follow.

    I don't think it would have been made up a couple of hundred years ago, it's quite complex… although Scientology is pretty young 😛

    No, seriously, although the British had India as a colony, Hinduism had already been there for a long time even though it didn't originate there.

  • D W

    Hinduism is a polytheistic belief. Adherers focus on deities for their live struggles. For the student, they look towards Ganesha. When entering a marriage, the wife may look towards Prakti. They supply guidance through stories – of course they are not stories to the followers. It, sadly, also created the idea of a caste system.

  • I think it is a great, interesting and peaceful religion although I don`t agree with all of their practices.

  • Jesus was a SatGuru, a spiritual Master of his times. Bible is manipulated! Which version Bible are we talking about. Check out the video, "Bible is repulsive" on YouTube. The world is not flat.

  • Deb

    There is no such thing as Hinduism as the name Hinduism would mean belief in the river Indus. The 9 philosophies, Nav-Ratnas (9 gems) of India like Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaiseshika, Purva-Mimamsa, Uttara-Mimamsa, Charvaka, Jainism & Buddhism make up one Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Religion.

  • For a start; Eastern Orthodox is a Christian religion.
    Why don't you Google & check Wikipedia or Yahoo!?
    2/3 the world population make up the 4 major religions:
    1 billion Catholics, 1 billion Protestants, 1 billion muslims, &
    1 billion Hindus; which is the oldest living religion.
    Eastern Orthodox are a tiny fragment, like Judaism.

  • In hindu philosophy, there are two different views about being human

    one is that we are individual souls struggling to purify ourselves to such an extent that we merge into the Supreme soul (god)

    the other view is that all is God in the universe and it is God's playfullness to descend as human and then know his reality and get bliss

    A true human as per hinduism is the one who treats all living beings as living souls and part of god, and purify himself by Meditation and yoga to reach God's level

  • As per infallible laws of karma … we reaped fruits of karma performed! Nothing in cosmic system happened of its own! If we suffered in present life… all owes its existence to bad karma performed by us in past or previous lives!

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