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On the Divinity of Second Chances – A Novel

On the Divinity of Second Chances A Novel

A broken family finds its way back together in this captivating story from the author of Church of the Dog

A charismatic author with a voice and message all her own, Kaya McLaren has become beloved in the book world as much for her upbeat energy as for her rich storytelling. In On the Divinity of Second Chances, she portrays a family on the brink of dissolution-a mother besieged by middle age, a distant father lost in daily life, and their three teenage children struggling in various ways with the family's disintegration even as they conceal a secret that could send their parents further over the edge. With the help of a group of tap-dancing old ladies, a sensual tango teacher, and a lot of luck, this family is about to learn that everyone gets a second chance which, as McLaren beautifully reminds us in this inspiring novel, is sometimes even better than the first.

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5 Stars Must read this insightful book!
Kaya McLaren has magnificently written a captivating story of a family's poignant quest for the miracle of second chances. Jade's family is slowly falling apart. She is keeping complex secrets, while her parent's marriage is collapsing, brother Forrest is living in self-inflicted exile and pregnant sister Olive walks away from her life to live with their grandmother. Brilliantly told in alternating narratives, each family member tells his/her own perspective, enriching our understanding of this broken, suffering family. Ultimately, they learn the potent act of forgiveness can create the healing power that second chances provide. Ms. McLaren is a superior storyteller. She has exquisitely created a marvelous, endearing cast of characters who enthralled me from start to finish. Amusing antics provide many laugh-out-loud moments. This uplifting story serves as a wonderful inspiration for those of us searching for our second chance. I really loved this insightful book as there were many valuable lessons within. I was left reflecting on the importance of forgiveness, especially when offered freely. You must read this engrossing book!

5 Stars Everyone needs a second chance
In life, all of us need a second chance at some point. This book wonderfully depicts the lives of six family members who all need a second chance in their own way. Kaya weaves her own quirky observations into the everyday moments of her characters. An engaging read, one that will make you chuckle, and a book that leaves you hoping that each of the characters find their second chance in life.

5 Stars On the divinity of second chances
Understanding, tender, subtley weaving a mystical tenor to the everyday, with artistic flair. In a word jaw dropping… well two words.

5 Stars The Divinity of Life
Kaya McLaren has captured the essence of what I think so many hope for, and what I am happy to discover is true – that second chances in life exist, and often calling them any less than Divine would be circumspect.

I didn't expect the novel to capture me so soundly with its opening lines but McLaren's prose rolled out with an intoxicating touch. The moon is watching as the inhabitants of On The Divinity of Second Chances struggle with their lives, with exactly where time has found them. The moon is still watching as each character discovers that maybe, just maybe, second chances in this old life are not only possible but probable. I recommend the novel for those who have lost hope that things may ever change for the better, that this complicated, sticky, messy existence can take on new shape and meaning, and simply for the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a good story that illuminates the love and the laughter that life has to offer.

5 Stars Three Thumbs Up!
Another fabulous read from Kaya. Her delightful, quirky voice abounds in this engrossing novel.

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