The Arena – An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism

The Arena An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism

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5 Stars For all…not just monastics
Written for monastics, but I found a great deal of wisdom and insight in here for me, an Orthodox Chrisitan living in the world and who struggles on to finish the race. This is a book I read every second Great Lent [I switch between this and St John Climacus' "The Ladder of Divine Ascent"] and each time I read it I am encouraged, challenged and edified by the wisdom of St Ignatius. Thanks be to God indeed for the wisdom of His Saints, and thanks to Archimandrite Lazarus for his translating of this fine work

5 Stars Highly Recommended Reading for Orthodox Christians
This is a beautiful and helpful guide for these last days for Orthodox Christians. It's one of the first Monastic books I've read that can be clearly adapted to the life of the Orthodox laity. "What are the chief sources upon which Ignatius relies in presenting his picture of the Christian path? First and foremost come the Bible…'Never cease studying the Gospel till the end of your life…Do not think that you know it enough, even if you know it by heart'" (viii, ch.6). […]

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