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Baptist Church Members Accused of Human Trafficking

Haitian police have arrested 10 Americans suspected of trying to smuggle children out of the earthquake ravaged country.

The government said that five men and five women were caught with 33 children as they were trying to reach the Dominican Republic without proper documentation.

They are all members of a US baptist church, and say they were going to set up an orphanage for the children in the Dominican Republic. Members told Al Jazeera that they were only there to help, and that they had mistakenly not filled out all of the paperwork. They were taking the children to an orphanage in the spirit of charity, not profit.

The Idaho pastor of the Central Valley Baptist Church explained the situation to the Associated Press. He condemned child trafficking as a 'wicked and evil practice,' and defended members of his congregation detained in Haiti after they tried to bus 33 children into the Dominican Republic.

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