The Bible Slam: Numbers Chapter 22

This chapter features a talking donkey!

The Israelites are camped out in Moab, and the people of Moab are not happy about it because of the Israelites' warlike character and reputation.  The king asks Balaam to cast a curse on the Israelites.

God talks to Balaam and convinces Balaam to not cast the curse.  He talks with him directly and also has his donkey talk to him. In previous chapters, only Moses is able to talk with God.

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  • There are people who argue that the King James translation of the bible is the "inerrant word of God."  Yet, they either do not read the Bible or are quite selective in determining what parts of it should literally be followed.
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Discussion Points.

Why would an omnipotent god be so worried about a curse from people who clearly are not the chosen people?

For those who claim that the King James translation of the Bible is the "inerrant" and factual word of God, how is the talking donkey story in Numbers 22 justified? Is it metaphor or do they honestly believe it is literally true?

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