The Phoenix Affirmations – A New Vision for the Future of Christianity

The Phoenix Affirmations A New Vision for the Future of Christianity

The Phoenix Affirmations, named for the town in which the principles were created and the mythological bird adopted by ancient Christians as a symbol of resurrection, offers disillusioned and spiritually homeless Christians and others a sense of hope and a more tolerant, joyful, and compassionate message than those we often hear from the media and some Christian leaders. These twelve central affirmative principles of Christian faith are built on the three great loves that the Bible reveals: love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self. They reflect commitments to environmental stewardship, social justice, and artistic expression as well as openness to other faiths. Transcending theological and culture wars, inclusive and generous in spirit and practice, these principles ask believers and seekers alike to affirm their Christian faith in a fresh way.

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5 Stars Treastise on Progressive Christianity
Rev. Elnes book is a wonderful, concise explanation of core principles of progressive christianity. The book clearly lays out the foundation for individuals and churches to begin moving towards a compassionate faith. This book show that their is a "Religious Left" and that the "Religious Right" isn't the only Christian viewpoint. I highly recommend this book for any thinking chrisitian who is tired of "parking their brain" in the church parking lot before entering church.

5 Stars A Kinder, Gentler Christian Vision
Thirty years of Christian fundamentalism as a dominant political and spiritual force in the United States has meant that the words "judgmental," "militaristic" and "self-righteous" are now the first words that come to mind when one hears the word "Christian" in an American context. Fortunately, progressive Christianity–hopeful, tolerant, joyful, compassionate–is coming to the fore, and The Phoenix Affirmations is one of the clearest articulations of this movement. Without denying the necessity of such basics of Christian living as prayer, Bible study, worship and service to others, these affirmations encourage Christians to treat other faiths with respect; to celebrate God's Spirit in nature and one's fellow human beings; to see beyond the boundaries of gender, class, race and sexual orientation; to walk humbly in the presence of a loving Lord; and to stand always with the poor and disenfranchised. For anyone who would follow Jesus but is put off by fundamentalism's "my way or the highway" approach, The Phoenix Affirmations provides a roadmap for a different way to follow the Jesus path.

4 Stars Fantastic Small Group/Adult/Young Adult Class Text
I just came from a workshop. This book was a reference for one of our discussion groups. The author helped our diverse groups navigate through some dicey territory as we learned to accept each other as the beautiful creations God made us to be. I realize some think this book did not stand up to critical scriptural analysis and it may not have supported some more conservative or historical theologies. The underlying theme was modeled on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in very current examples that are effective in opening doors to those who would not feel welcome in the fancy traditional churches. The author's views do support the growing trend of "invitiational ministry" modeled on Christ's demonstration of love and grace for all who will listen and choose to follow. This book is worth an objective read and definitely a good starting point for lively discussions in a small group setting. Highly recommended for Adult/Young Adult groups. Enjoy.

5 Stars Explodes Christianity
For most Christians, their faith is stagnant. "Affirmations" explodes the faith by relating it to today and applying it to the world in which we live. It is a must read for any spiritually inclined person who wishes a progressive faith.

5 Stars 21 Century Christianity
This book not only reaffirmed my beliefs, but helped me with defining the progressive christian.

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