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License to Wed – Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD HD DVD

License to Wed Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD HD DVD

Marriage is a huge step in any relationship and, with the divorce rate skyrocketing, some clergymen find it advisable to council prospective couples prior to the marriage ceremony. Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) takes his marriage preparation course to a whole new level, putting couples through a very unusual and grueling set of classes that cover everything from trust and communication to experiencing childbirth, meeting each other's needs in and out of bed, and group sessions on how to fight fairly. Happy couple Sadie Jones's (Mandy Moore) and Ben Murphy's (John Krasinski) perfect compatibility is tested to the limits with extraordinary (and hysterical) assignments like caring for twin baby robots that cry and poop without restraint while baby-sitting a friend's two young children and shopping for wedding china. Driving a car blindfolded while one's intended gives directions is no simple task either, but abstinence from sex and writing their own marriage vows may be the couple's most difficult homework assignments. Comedy reigns throughout the entire movie thanks to Robin Williams, his choir-boy assistant Josh Flitter (Nancy Drew) and the rest of the cast and laughing out loud is definitely a course requirement for viewers, but underneath the hilarity is a serious message about making marriage work. –Tami Horiuchi

User Ratings and Reviews

2 Stars the movie may be better for you than it sounds?
The theme seems to be that people many times really don't

know each other well enough when they get married

and as a result marriages don't last.

The family preacher or priest was traditionally the one to go to

for marriage counseling. This movie has the preacher from hell

making the lives of the people he is supposed to be helping

miserable. The motivation and the result of this movie seems to be two different things.

The spying, conniving preacher and his alter boy might be funny

in another universe, but in this movie they are terrifying?

The movie is very bad for organized religion too?

You get feeling really sorry for the clueless couple.

5 Stars This movie was a knockout…not sure why so many people didn't like it.
I rented this movie from Blockbuster yesterday and although I don't consider it my "favorite" movie, I am still giving it 5 stars because the plot was hilarious and Robin Williams (John Krasinki) and Mandy Moore (Sadie) made me laugh throughout the movie. I was at first surprised to see more than 20 1 star reviews for this movie, and how people repeatedly commented the movie was a "waste of time". For me it was 90 minutes well spent and I might actually purchase this movie and watch it with my friends.

The character of the reverend is kind of creepy of how he tries to ruin the couple's marriage, spies on the them through a wiretap planted in their apartment, and nearly kills them when making Sadie drive blindfolded (I definitely don't recommend that at home because that is a one way ticket to the afterlife!). He has some problems and needs counseling but I thought his ultimate motive to lower the divorce rate and make a successful marriage work was good. He was just should have been arrested for nearly killing the couple by having Sadie drive blindfolded!

In closing this is a very funny comedy. I recommend that you do not take it too seriously and enjoy whatever the story is trying to tell you. Because in the end it is only a movie and it is meant not to be taken so seriously. The actors Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, and Josh Flitter (as the younger student) did a great job playing out their roles. This isn't a really a family oriented movie, but it is still laugh out loud comedy. I hope a sequel to this movie comes out.

4 Stars Save $ buy DVD instead
Funny movie, seen it twice, but, Blu ray quality not quite there. Save some money buy DVD on movies like this where there isn't any explosions, and fast action scenes, fighting/driving.

5 Stars One of the funniest comedies! John Krasinski is hilarious
John Krasinski proves that he is leading man material and Mandy Moore is always great. This is a fun movie that is one of the best comedies — it is guaranteed to give you at least one HUGE laugh. Don't miss it!

3 Stars License To Wed
License to Wed

I had serious doubts about License To Wed. Robin Williams has always been know for classic comedy roles, however, with several recent dips in the comedy train, it seemed unlikely even he could save a romantic comedy playing an over bearing, marriage counseling pastor. However, I think that although the basic story line was more than ridiculous, the cast had a great charisma that made the parts of the film that didn't click work more than they should have. Mandy Moore did an excellent portrayl of a semi-controlling bride to be. In fact, I had never seen Ms Moore in a film and have really warmed up to the idea since watching the movie. Another surprise was John Krasinski, the adorable boy next door. He almost seems like a younger version of Ben Stiller's Gaylord Focker in Meet The Parents. At times it is both hilarious, and difficult to was Krasinski's character Ben go through the tests that Father Frank has in store. And of course the great Williams proving once again that he is versatile and can get a laugh out of most any gag. Still not one of my favorite films (although Krasinski was close to getting my vote) still a good deal to pick up on sale or rent for a quiet night at home.

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