Why December 25?

Who picked December 25 as the date that Christ was born? Contrary to what many Christians believe, the date for Christmas is not in the Bible. In fact, Christmas is not described anywhere in the Bible as a holy day that should be celebrated.

The nativity is described in just two of the four gospels: Matthew and Luke. The two accounts not identical. For instance, the angel declaring Jesus' upcoming birth appears to Mary in the book of Luke; it appears to Joseph in the book of Matthew.

Christmas was not an annual Christian celebration until a couple of hundred years after the birth of Christ.

Some claim that the date was chosen because it is nine months after March 25th, the vernal equinox, which many Christians and Jews believed marked the beginning of the world. Others point to pagan celebrations, such as the Roman celebration of the "unconquered son" which worshiped Apollo on December 25. In fact, an early depiction of Jesus that is held by the Vatican is remarkably similar to Apollo.

Most Christians think the date itself is not important.

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  • Silas

    It has been proven that Jesus never existed and by Christians own scholars. So this whole story of Jesus being born is hog wash. You can NOT use the Bible as history. It has been proven that the "historical Bible" is NOT true. For starters Nazareth was town in the suppose time of Jesus, it was a huge farm. Besides the Bible there is no proof of Jesus. The Romans were a people of taking history and writing it down, if Jesus would have existed it would have been written down. There is NO writings in the Roman literature of Jesus. As I said above the Christmas story is HOG WASH!

  • Rosita

    Christ was never in Christmas. December 25 was the assumed birth date of various savior gods of Greek and Roman mythology who were believed to have been miraculously born of virgins.

    The original Jesus sect did not believe in either the virgin birth of its figure head or his resurrection from the dead. The original gospel of Mark, the first written gospel, does not include either of these two events. The verses which describe the resurrection were added at a much later date, presumably to bring this manuscript into line with the central themes of later works (Matthew and Luke) which relied heavily on this manuscript.

    Modern day Christianity began as deliberately concocted composite of Jewish and Roman religions at the insistence of the Emperor Constantine who commissioned a committee to develop a religion which would unite and be acceptable to all the peoples of Rome.

  • admin

    Excellent comments. It is good to see that people are well informed.

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