Story of Jim Jones – Guyana Tragedy

Story of Jim Jones Guyana Tragedy

The true story of cult leader Jim Jones and the events surrounding the mass suicide of his followers.

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4 Stars Not bad
Picture quality definitely leaves something to be desired, however, I understand the film was made in 1980 and hasn't been touched up. The point still comes across and the movie is still very enjoyable. I recommend to anyone interested in the history of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

2 Stars Beware – this DVD is awful quality!!!
Buyer should beware that the quality of this DVD is terrible. The sound is very muffled and the video is terrible with many jumps and gaps. It looks like someone taped it off of TV and then let the tape sit in the basement for 30 years. I can't emphasize enough how awful the quality of this DVD is.

1 Star jim jones
the dvd was returned as quickly as i received it, because the quality of this dvd was beyond terrible, it was very degraded product. thank you

1 Star Shocking Quality
This movie has been re-released about 4x now and each time the quality of the DVD is terrible. I don't know why it cannot be remastered and then released, it would do really well if it was as this is an excellent movie.

5 Stars Video quality not that bad 5 stars for the movie 3 for dvd.
The above reviewer lambastes the DVD quality. I bought this anyway. Although a far cry from hi def, the video was more than watchable. The movie itself is so riveting the you get lost in it and don't notice any flaws in the DVD. Powers Boothe gives a performance of a lifetime (although just about everything he does is a performance of a lifetime). It is impossible to watch this without being touched deeply.

Aristotle said that the purpose of tragedy is to produce a catharsis in the viewer. This movie does that and then some.

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