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African Albinos Killed for Superstitious Religious Practices

Ana Kasparian and Cerk at The Young Turks discussed the gruesome practice in east Africa where albinos are killed for their "magical" body parts.  According to Ana's article at The Examiner,

Albinos have become the targets of gruesome killings in East Africa, where witch doctors believe that their body parts can be used as tokens of good luck. Since 2007, 44 albinos have been killed in Tanzania, and 14 other have been murdered in Burundi.

According to a report by the International Federation for the Red Cross and Crescent Societies, more than 10,000 albinos have either fled East Africa or went into hiding out of fear that they will become the next victim of the superstitious practice.

The market for Albino body parts mainly exists in Tanzania, where dealers can make up to $75,000 selling a complete dismembered set. Wealthy buyers use the parts as talismans to bring them wealth and good fortune.

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