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Another Jesus Sighting — The Massachusetts Iron

When a Massachusetts woman was down on her luck, she saw what she describes as an image of Jesus under her iron.

She and her family think that the sighting came just in time. They hope the iron can bring the holiday spirit to others as it has to them.

CBS News reports:

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  • Andrew Gandor

    Our Lady of Guadalupe on a pancake? A woman swears she saw the image of the virgin mary in batter blaster pancakes? Maybe she likes them because they are organic and come out of a spray bottle. http://www.azfamily.com/video/featured-videos/Our-Lady-of-Guadalupe-on-a-pancake-78263562.html

  • Hello
    In this iron we can clearly see Jesus.I really like that you share this photograph with us.I have never seen Jesus sighting in real.I must say that Massachusetts woman is very lucky.

  • Well we can see somebody in that iron. but it can be anyone.

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