The Bible Slam: Numbers Chapter 04

Complicated instructions concerning the duties of the Levites in the tabernacle are detailed, as well as the totals of various clans eligible to serve in the tabernacle.  Anyone who is not authorized to look at certain holy things will DIE.

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Discussion Points.

You can read the King James version of Numbers 4 at Skeptics Annotated.  In Old Testament times, Levites apparently had no free will, as they were all assigned jobs at the tabernacle.  If this is some kind of command from the creator of the universe, why don't these people still do all of these complicated rituals?

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  • Indeed:

    These are the same rules applied to Top Secret information by the US government. (China, Saudi Arabia and North Korea are much much worse…..Although I suppose dead is dead.)

    We remember the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trial do we not?

    The Death Penalty:

    If anything, this penalty simply demonstrates how historically consistent the Bible is. Had God said, "MO, let's let any palooka look upon the tabernacle. After all, we're good guys. Oh, I know there will be Herbies who will want to mock us if we let them see, but, hey, that's OK. The stuff is not THAT important anyway. Perhaps we might even open the tabernacle to a bit of graffiti art as well. Who knows, there may be a budding Da Vinci in the crowd."

    Now if that kind of statement were in the Bible in this section, that would wake me up to a fraud.

    So, I ask the Bible Slam author a question: What statement in this section of the Bible would NOT elicit criticism from you, and why not?

    Is your suggested language consistent with our historical experience, given the penchant of men to mock the first thing they do not understand? If so, does this give more weight or detract from the Bible's sense of authenticity?

    The author of the Bible Slam and I have one thing in common though.

    We could both walk into a home for morons and wax wise. Well, perhaps not.
    Some of those morons are pretty smart about some really complicated stuff.

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