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The Bible Slam: Leviticus Chapter 25

The Israelites are instructed to retire their farmland every seventh year and no one is allowed to each what the land produces on its own during the seventh year.   The 50th year on the day of atonement is a "jubilee."   Yahweh says that on the sixth year, they will have enough of a harvest that will supply enough for three years.

Land prices are based on the "jubilee."   It is more expensive when closer to a jubilee period.

Land is not sold permanently because it belongs to Yahweh … and all people are working for Yahweh.   There are all kinds of complicated rules about buying and selling land.

Debtors who can't afford to pay back a loan are to be treated as workers and released from their debts.

This chapter is "pro slavery," discussing the buying and selling of slaves and passing them off as inheritances.   The only people who aren't bought and sold in slavery are Israelites, because they are already slaves to Yahweh.

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Discussion Points.

Chelev is right on: How can this be divinely inspired by the creator of the universe?

Retiring land every seven years may be a good environmental practice. On another good note, Leviticus 24:17 states in part,

Ye shall not therefore oppress one another …

The rest of this chapter, however, has to do with property sales that no Christians honor today, and has an extensive discussion about slavery.

According to the Christian Bible, slavery is completely acceptable. Is this moral? An honest reading of the Bible shows that this book is simply the writings of an ancient tribal culture and are not the inerrant words of a god.

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