Assumptions that Affect Our Lives

Assumptions that Affect Our Lives

A clash and contrast between Greek philosophy and Hebrew wisdom and their role in shaping Western Christianity.

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5 Stars Helps you to think like a Christian
Evangelical Christianity is returning to the priority of loving God with all our mind. "Assumptions That Affect Our Lives" sheds light on how to do that better, showing us not what to think about, but how Christian thinking works. We have the "mind of Christ," but what is that exactly? Clear, concise chapter by chapter, Overman explains this marvelously. I read this book over ten years ago, and in addition to challenging my thinking, it made me excited about thinking in new ways. It changed me and helped me in my writing and teaching. Christian and his wife Kathy continue to bring transformational thinking through their workshops. Awesome persons. Great book. It's on my "easy to reach for" shelf in the library.

5 Stars A great place to start in your study of worldviews
This is one of the first worldview books I was privileged to read–it had a different title at the time, I think it was called "Different Windows." Chris is great at taking ideas and putting them on the "bottom shelf" so that the reader can understand important philosophies without having devoted a lifetime of study to them.

Since reading this book one of my mantras has been "Assumptions determine conclusions," and this simple phrase has helped me in countless debates and discussions. "What are the hidden assumptions that this (public figure, professor, politician, etc.) is making but not proving?" It's a lot harder to be stumped by rhetorical sleight of hand when you can see right through to the pathetic assumptions that govern the lives of non-theists.

5 Stars Be transformed by the renweing of your mind
An excellent read! Our family and church has been praying for years that we would be transformed by the renewing of our minds so we could test and approve what God's perfect will is for our lives (Rom 12:1-2). This book is a very clear discussion about the Greek way of living and the Hebrew way of living. It is staggering how Greek thought has so deeply permeated everything we do, say and think. And yet Adonai chose to reveal His nature and character to man through the Israelites! Satan has cleverly veiled our minds with a Greek cloth so that we miss so much of the rich blessings God has for us. Remember Rom 12 comes after Rom 9-11 about the church being grafted in to Israel, this book is a great tool in removing the veil!

4 Stars It's a book of application and inspiration!
The book, "Assumptions", is a book that deserves to be read. It has given me insight that has challenged me to dig deep inside myself to ask myself hard questions. I've read the book several times. Each time I read it, I get more out of it. This book should be read by students and adults. Dr. Christian Overman gives incredible insight into how we have come to think the way we do. The book challenged me to dig deeper into Christian Worldview and to better understand the post-modern culture in which we live. I have sent copies of the book to numerous friends and I have always gotten positive and confirming feedback. It's a book of application and inspiration.

5 Stars Laying a Firm Foundation
Packed into this slim, well crafted volume are foundational precepts which when understood by the reader will enable and ennoble a life well lived. By contrasting two distinctly different ways of seeing the world, Greek or Hebrew, Mr. Overman provides a well marked and anecdotal road map on navigating the roads of Wisdom and Knowledge. For any life-long-learner this seminal work beckons as a beacon of reason and is a wise investment!

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