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The Bible Slam: Leviticus Chapter 20

The Westboro Baptist Church is correct, if we are to take this chapter literally:   God hates everyone.

This chapter reveals more abominable behavior and who is supposed to be stoned to death.   Adulterers, gays, some (but not all) practitioners of incest, and of course, wizards are to be put to death.   Menstruation is a wicked time.   Wizards and others get a "special" form of corporal punishment:   stoning.

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Discussion Points.

Yahweh's Death Penalty Crimes.   Here's an abbreviated version of all the death penalty crimes in this chapter, which you can read in full at Skeptics Annotated (which is the King James version):

  • People who sacrifice their children to Molech (death by stoning);
  • People who curse their parents (method of death not specified);
  • Adulterers (both the man and woman) (method of death not specified);
  • Men that have sex with their father's wife (note – it says wife, not mother, suggesting polygamy) (method of death not specified);
  • Men and their daughters-in-law that have sex (method of death not specified);
  • A man and a mother/daughter orgy (all three must be burned to death);
  • Practitioners of bestiality (the humans and animals must be put to death – method of death not specified);
  • Wizards and people "with a familiar spirit" (death by stoning).

Yahweh's Disfellowship Guidelines.   People guilty of the following are to be "cut off from my people" and Yahweh shall "set my face from them":

  • People who don't stone Molech worshipers who have sacrified their children;
  • People who consult wizards or those "with familiar spirits;"
  • Practitioners of the following forms of incest:   a man and his sister, a man and his father's daughter, a man and his mother's daughter, a man and his aunts, and a man and his brother's wife; and
  • A married couple that has sex while the woman is menstruating.

People who eat unclean meat have abominable souls.   That means all those folks who enjoy bacon made with pork, various forms of seafood and the like have abominable souls.

Interestingly, there is no penalty for a man sleeping with his own daughter listed here.   As to the man sleeping with his brother's wife, this seems to be contradictory, since a widow is mandated to marry her deceased husband's brother in Deuteronomy 25:5 and they are to have children.   Jesus does not dispute this law in Matthew 22, but says that in heaven, the marriages are irrelevant.

As Chelev pointed out, Abraham and Sarah were half brother and sister.

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