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Religious News Verses: Family Values and Intelligent Design

TMZ reports that in a last minute move, Carrie Prejean was not included as the featured speaker in the New Jersey Family Research Council's fundraiser.   As of their report, it was unclear whether the Christian anti-gay group dropped her after learning of her sex tape, or if Ms. Prejean canceled.

"Prosperity theology" guru Joel Osteen may seem warm and fuzzy to many observers — unless they are homosexual.   Osteen told the ladies of ABC's "The View" that he did not think that homosexuals were God's best.

Peter at Right Wing Watch wrote a disturbing story yesterday about how American Christian fundamentalists are working with Islam fundamentalists to undermine science and secular government traditions in Turkey.   Under attack, of course, are Darwin and anyone who teaches scientific theories about evolution.

In a recent lecture, an attendee asked biologist Richard Dawkins to identify what he viewed as the single most compelling fact to refute Creationism. Dawkins explained that the real problem lies in convincing Creationists is to listen to the evidence. "What they do is simply stick their fingers in their ears and say 'La la la,'" says Dawkins. "You cannot argue with a mind like that."

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