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The Bible Slam: Leviticus Chapter 15

Try not to visualize what Yahweh is talking about in this chapter — it's disgusting.

More sacrifices are described for people who have "running flesh" (in the King James translation) or "bodily discharges" (in other translations).   Sex is unclean.   Menstruating women are unclean and no one is allowed to touch her, or they will become unclean.   No one can touch anything that the menstruating woman has touched or sat on.   Men who ejaculate are unclean if their semen does not "hit the spot" and they need to bathe.

After their periods, women have to present turtles or birds to the priests for purification sacrifices.

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Discussion Points.

This chapter(King James – SAB) is just one of many that demonstrates why Christians absolutely must read their holy bibles if they are to claim it is the inerrant Word of God and that everyone must live according to the bible.

Putting It In Perspective:   Life as a Woman in the Old Testament.

Exodus Chapter 38 gave us a head count of slightly over 600,000 men aged 20 and up.   Assuming a 1-1- ratio, that means there were at 600,000 women.   Let's say that 50% of them had periods … this means that 600,000 turtles (2 per woman) or 600,000 pigeons (2 per women) are slaughtered by the priest after their cycle.   Can you imagine the gore, or how many priests would be required to create all of this gore?

Then again, women were constantly pregnant with twins, perhaps from the ages of 15-40,   in order to create the population explosion described as factual history in the Bible.   After each birth, the women are unclean for 33 days or 66 days, depending on the gender of the children.

So, there is apparently one month of "cleanliness" for each woman — 9 months pregnant, up to two months purification after birth, and one month left.   In this month, she's supposedly unclean and menstruating for 7 days.   The remaining days are most likely filled with sex since she is "clean" and the population explosion must go on.   In her free time, she's running around gathering birds and turtles to sacrifice.

Skeptic's Annotated has an excellent summary of what the bible says about menstruation.

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