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Christian Says That Halloween is Satans Birthday

Some Christians will not be celebrating Halloween tonight. Here is "proof" from a European Christian who says Halloween is the celebration of Satan's birthday.

Copy/paste of text accompanying the video in which he says that children going out for tick-or-treating are bringing home devils into the house:

Since 2003 Halloween has been shooting up and it has become the second biggest decorating holiday of the year, right behind Christmas! That means October is one of the busiest month of the year in Europe, the second in the US! In Italy it was announced by the media that in 2007 almost 8,500,000 people (mostly kids) were involved in the halloween festivity, never so much before in Italy, with a turnover (of gifts and various articles for parties etc.) of almost 280,000,000 Euro!

Is the occult holiday of Halloween eclipsing Christmas? Probably not but its certainly a competitor. Americans and Europeans are shelling out more money for halloween than ever before, this is what I can see all over the place. I will not speak out personally (this time) what the Bible teaches about Halloween, but I will simply report what "mainstream religious authorities" in Italy have said on October 30, 2006. The following statements can be easily traced with the help of a good search engine: "Halloween has been imposed by an esoteric- satanic culture which induces the community to perform rituals of witchcraft, spiritualism and satanism which can even lead to ritual sacrifices and violence. For satanists, Halloween is the most magic day in the year and during this night they perform black masses, esoteric-magical ceremonies and encourage witchcraft.

Christian parents and all those who believe in the values of life should know that Halloween is the adoration of Satan which has been disguised through games and parties for young people. Halloween is especially dangerous for young people because it encourages an esoteric-magical mentality which seeks to subvert religion by attacking spiritual values and what is sacred through an initiation of occult arts and images." What else can I say and report?

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