The Light Shall Set You Free

The Light Shall Set You Free

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5 Stars The Light shall Set You Free
This book is a 'must have' for anyone on the journey home to the Light.

Well written & channelled, the energy of the Masters is highly evident.

I recommend this as a valuable resource book for all on the Spiritual path. Describes in detail the Universal Laws & how to apply them in one's life.

5 Stars Enlighten yourself
I tried to read the book for many times and I couldn't get past page 30. I gave up many times. But when I finally got through it … WOW! I think it was the right time. I have learned sooooo much from this book. Especially from the Universal Laws. It was such an eyeopener. I recommend this book to all my spiritual friends. And I have read it at least 10 times, if not more. This book is well worth every penny!

4 Stars A Must Read For These Troubled Times
"The Light Shall Set You Free" is a significant link in the chain of data that refers to coping with these difficult, possibly end, times. The ultimate theme is that Fear is the factor that prevents man from connecting with their God, staying close with their faith and, that earth has been sent many spiritual leaders, such as Jesus, intended to guide us to make correct choices/decisions for our salvation.

I would compare this to "The Secret" that many friends, colleagues and family members first suggested, then complained that, "It didn't work." The Light…is exactly that, more light on a topic of high interest, and if you want answers to your remaining questions and obtain more guidance then consider the comments I received from others that read The Light…, "This does work."

5 Stars let the light set you free
This book is very good in giving one a good knowledge of Universal Law. This book along with the Kybalion, The Laws of Spirit, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and The Alchemy of Sacred Living will give one an excellent understanding of Universal Law.

5 Stars It's all about understanding Universal Laws to improve your life.
This book is a guide to learning and utilizing the universal laws to transform your life. It unlocks the secrets that we always knew were there, but did not quite know how to tap into.

I will refer to it again and again to help me be all that I can be in this given moment.

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