The Bible Slam: Exodus Chapter 35

Moses gathers the people around and reiterates the jobs God had commanded for the construction of the ark, temple and so on when Moses was on Mt. Sinai the first time (Exodus 31).   Like Chapter 31, Moses tells the Israelites that anyone caught working on the Sabbath would be killed, and further admonishes them that they are not allowed to build fires on the Sabbath.

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Discussion Points.

Like much of the Old Testament, Exodus Chapter 35 is simply a rehash of what was already written.   When it comes to the Sabbath, Skeptics Annotated notes that there are ten verses saying that it must be kept and five (primarily in the New Testament) that say it is not necessary.

As noted before, it's amazing that the Israelites — who were wandering around for 40 years with nothing to eat but manna — had the wealth of gold and animals to contribute to the tabernacle.

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