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Religious News Verses: The Cult of Values Voters, Cancer and Family Values

B.A. Carrington, who describes herself as a "progressive, martini-swilling, skeet-shooting lady" has been investigating the religious right from the inside for ten years.   Her article, Deep Inside the Values Voters, was published in Carnal Nation this month and is well worth the read.   Carrington follows the money trail and has put together, as she calls it, "a family tree with enough branches to overshadow the springtime D.C. cherry blossoms."   She shares with us her experiences at this year's Values Voters conference held in Washington D.C.   Carrington observes from her 10 years of reporting,

As I sit here thinking about my years spent among them, I cannot come up with a single thing they stand for; I can only come up with what they stand against: homosexuality, evolution, birth control, gambling, strippers, stem cell research, gun control, healthcare, bipartisanship, rap music, hip hop, adult entertainment, tolerance, diversity, sex education, nude art, pornography, civil rights, human rights, immigration, science, female equality, peace, abortion, personal ads, adult movies in hotel rooms, gay adoption, gay marriage, unmarried cohabitation and Obama.

A Los Angeles preacher was arrested for peddling fake cancer cures, according to the Examiner, which notes that "Dr. Christine Daniel, a family practioner and ordained Pentacostal minister, was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts each of wire and mail fraud for selling an alleged cure for cancer through herbal treatments."   Daniel apparently peddled her products to the religious community to the tune of $1.1 million in sales between the years 2001 and 2004.

The California "family values" religious community is angry about two bills that Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law.   The first, SB Bill 54,   recognizes same-sex marriages performed outside the state prior to November 5, 2008, when California voters approved Proposition 8.   According to a press release issued by the California Family Council,

Governor Schwarzenegger and the Legislature continue their disregard for the expressed will of the people of California and the state Constitution which affirms traditional marriage's definition. Article I, Section 7.5 of the California Constitution specifically states "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." SB 54 explicitly violates California's Constitution.

"The governor's signing of SB 54 illustrates his disregard for the sovereign authority of California's voting citizens," stated Everett Rice CFC's Legislative Coordinator. "In 2000 and 2008, the voters expressed their desire at the ballot box to protect traditional marriage. They emphatically affirmed that marriage should retain its historical definition and identity. However, today the governor has joined with other elected representatives by choosing to place the demands of special interest groups over more than 7 million California voters."

The governor also signed into law SB 572 that declares Harvey Milk Day in California.   Declares Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute,

"The people of California have clearly spoken out against same-sex marriage and Harvey Milk Day, yet the legislature and the governor continue to push their agenda on our children," stated England. "Parents are outraged that their young children — including kindergarteners — will be forced to participate in activities 'commemorating' the life of a man known for his sexuality. Parents and voters are deeply disappointed and outraged by the governor's signing of these two unnecessary, agenda-pushing bills."

The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society announced that its new quarterly journal, The Family In America: A Journal of Public Policy has now been released.   The new journal is a reconfiguration of the monthly newsletter that was founded in 1987.   The group is linked with the World Congress of Families that, among other things, identifies declining birthrates as the core demographic problem facing the 21st century.

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