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Sky Watching Not Necessarily The Devil

Sky Watching Not Necessarily The Devil

Astrology is based on a preconceived relationship between events and specific alignments of astrological bodies in relation to how events play out on the earth. In today's world, many people relate astrology to horoscopes and fortune telling, but astrology was a key tool utilized as early as 3,000 BCE as a way to track the seasons and events as they related to the weather and changes on earth. Even with these modest beginnings of usefulness, astrology is continually attacked by various world religions even so far as to declare it an instrument of the devil. A majority of attacks on astrology come from the Christian community who claim that the study of the stars and the moon equates to worship and is therefore a form of idolatry. In fact this classification is loosely applied to many subjects that are frowned upon according to their moral convictions, i.e. the money is the devil. While Christianity views the study of astrology to be unworthy, the Bible itself seems to tell a different story.

The Bible has many things to say about the stars, sun and moon; and contradictory to the critics, not everything is bad. The book of Psalms notes that God created the stars; they display his handiwork and God has numbered and named all of them. Additionally, in the book of Job, the Bible states that God placed the stars into constellations, and even names a few of these constellations that we know today. The first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, states that: the stars, along with the sun and the moon, were given for 'signs' and 'seasons'; while Isaiah, Joel and Matthew state that the final judgment of earth is to be accompanied by events relating to the stars.

Idolatry is the worship of an idol or physical object rather than the worship of God. When one places the love of something over their love of God, it can be argued that idolatry has taken place. Any pursuit that strains a person’s relationship with God could be labeled the same. Just like every other aspect of life, moderation is the key to all things. Astrology can offer keys to understanding the universe as God created. Such an understanding will not only inspire awe and appreciation for what our Lord has created but also an understanding of how to live harmoniously within his creation. Observation of the astrological bodies placed there by God, is not to be feared, rather they are to be studied for ‘signs’ and ‘seasons’ in relation to prophecy, just as the Bible stated. As with everything else in this world, if we use knowledge to pursue our own desires that are not right and just then we become accountable. Improper use of astrology in this sense would then be considered to be the ‘witchcraft” spoken of in the Bible of which we are instructed to steer clear. There is only one way to commit idolatry, and that is by losing primary focus on God. Thus, studying his creation by way of the tools left for us in the sky, when pursued to be closer to our creator, should not be labeled idolatrous but rather worshipful. For all things let it be for the Glory of God.


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  • Rollan McCleary

    It is indeed difficult to talk to Christians about astrology at any level for any reason.
    “We know all there is to know about Jesus, we don’t need to know about the
    Magi” I was told by for example the Church Times in London. But from experience
    I can say the matter goes further than supposed “idolatry”. There is the objection
    that any kind of foretelling denies a free will assumed to be absolute. Also
    that astrology is a Torah forbidden “divination” organized by familiar spirits.
    It is not acknowledged that the Talmud deals in astrology as did the Essenes
    nor that when the prophets condemn those who forecast by the new moon this was
    ancient omen astrology, looking at the skies and uttering, not anything like
    the mathematical astrology we inherit.

    We are nearer today to understanding how the heavens declare “knowledge” as per Ps 19 and God names the stars as per Ps 147 because astrology is becoming more accurate. This year I issued a book “Where From, Why Us, Where To? : Visiting Tahiti and Life Itself”. Its starting point is the painter Gauguin and I include about his and Tahiti’s astrology. When Gauguin was born (the exact time is known), asteroid Tahiti was conjunct his Midheaven of destiny and reputation making trine in one direction to Savage and the other to Paradise. Gauguin wanted to be a savage in the paradise of Tahiti he never originally intended to settle in. Tahiti’s chart shows one of its discoverers, Bougainville, opposite Diderot, the philosopher who criticized his understanding of Tahiti. There’s much more. And these accurate asteroids work for lives, places and issues that occurred before those asteroids were seen or named!

    Multiply this surprise many times if certain academic theses can be developed and true data for Jesus could be found. Speaking as theologian and astrologer I know they provably can and have been. However the prejudices are so vast against revealing and discussing the facts, one can scarcely say anything in this area without being rudely dismissed or completely ignored including I assure you by household names in religion I have contacted. Also of course secular media and publishing have their own reasons to be against astrology and religion.

    If you want to know and let the world know the facts for Christmas, contact me. I will be happy to write an article (tell me how long) for issue next month. I would prefer to go via a feature than a radio discussion as in Australia the time zones are way
    out and it’s hard to be at one’s best in the middle of the night. And it may anyway be better to set some facts out where people can read and refer to them at leisure.

  • Barbara Ybarra

    What I am always surprised by while traveling in Europe is the many stained glass windows that depict the actual zodiac or the suggestion of astrological configurations, such as the ones in Chartres Cathedral in France or the extraordinary ceiling piece in an alcove of St Peters in Rome. It seems at one point the Catholic Church decided to separate the rhyme from the reason in God's creation. The argument with Galileo did not extend far enough. The Church's geo-centric view was essentially a spiritual one, an astrological reference point between the person and their God. Unfortunately the Church threw out the baby with the bath water, and left man nothing, only magic. It is the ignorant who wear a zodiac sign around the neck to enhance strength or beauty, the ignorant who wear a scapular medal around the neck to receive divine forgiveness. In either case, it is magic. In either case, there is no connection with God. As an astrologer, I never tell a client that their lucky planet Jupiter is in the mystical sign of Pisces, or that they have the amazing and rare "finger of God" in their chart. Yet I know that is exactly what some people want to hear. It takes more than that for a person to work on their life and enter into a relationship with the divine, but it can be done with the tool of astrology, just as it can be done with prayer or sacraments.

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