Atheists have morals too

Atheists have morals too

Just as not every Christian is inherently good, not every atheist is inherently evil. Many people may disagree with this, saying morals come from religion. The problem is, people judge people based on their religion, or lack of religion. It is time we accept that a person’s lack of religion does not dictate their morals.

It seems atheism has had a bad name since the beginning of time. Appearances are, it has never been socially acceptable to be an atheist. Why? Because some people are scared of atheists, thinking they have no ethics or morals. Some people feel morals come from the Bible or religious beliefs. Neither of these are necessarily true, morals and ethics can be derived from any number of sources.

Some psychologists theorize morals are innate to human beings. We as social creatures cannot live and thrive in a solitary life, we need each other. To live cooperatively, we need to have morals and ethics to guide our behaviors. Religion or not, we have some amount of ethics and morals since the day we were born. They grow with us and are nurtured by our social environments as we mature.

In a study by Phil Zuckerman Ph.D., he compared atheists and those with a belief in God. Dr Zuckerman was able to show atheists are less prejudice, less anti-Semitic, less racist, less ethnocentric, less close-minded, and less authoritative.

I myself am an atheist. I find my morals come from wanting to do good and be nice to others, it has nothing to do with a lack of belief in any higher power. As we get older, we learn that our actions have consequences. Whether we are Christians, Islamists, Jewish, or espouse no set belief system, if we do something bad, there is going to be a punishment. With this in mind, next time you meet an atheist and think “they are a bad person”, pause for a moment and get to know them.

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