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Apostles and Booker? Political researcher warns progressives to pay attention

Apostles and Booker? Political researcher warns progressives to pay attention

Tuesday, August 13 , is election day in New Jersey.  Voters will decide the nominees for the race to replace the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D).

As the Washington Post reports, it's almost a given that Newark Mayor Cory Booker will win the Democratic nomination.

Political researcher, advisor and religious right expert Rachel Tabachnick warns that progressives should be paying attention to Booker's possible ties to the prophets and apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation who have 'transformed' Booker's City of Newark.  The last time a politician's ties to the New Apostolic Reformation were openly scrutinized was when Texas Gov. Rick Perry hosted his "The Response" prayer rally in August 2011 and later announced he was seeking the Republican nomination for president.

The Republican party is not the only one targeted by the so-called apostles.  The Democratic party is also in their sights.

Tabachnick writes, "[T]he apostles' relentless efforts continue, including in the city they now claim as a model for their efforts – Cory Booker's Newark – and into the Democratic Party. The warning signs have been all but ignored by Democrats who view the election of Obama as evidence that the Right has no way to appeal to African American and Latino communities."

Booker, described by Republicans as "very religious," has been "mentored and financed by a who's-who of GOP funders and 'free market' think tanks," Tabachnick reports, noting that he has advocated for "private school choice" as a form of school reform that is embraced by the religious right.

She also reports that the "transformation" of communities promoted by "Apostle" Ed Silvoso  —  "one of the early pioneers of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a movement that is sweeping the globe and rebuilding the American Religious Right" — has been going on for years in Booker's Newark.  "The [NAR] network of modern-day apostles is at the cutting edge of anti-gay and anti-reproductive rights activism around the world, but mask these efforts in claims of racial reconciliation, charitable activities, and 'transformation' of communities," Tabachnick explains.  "Since 2007, Cory Booker's Newark has become the model for "Transformation" used in Silvoso's movies and promotional materials around the globe."

In a chilling video obtained by Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action.org, a NAR pastor at Booker's Metropolitan Baptist Church tells the congregation:  "Here is the thing.  The city's charter specifically specified – and the expert on this is Lloyd Turner and I guess Joanne has a lot of it too, maybe by studying and some by osmosis –   the charter did specify that Newark was to be a representation as closely as possible to the Kingdom of God, here on earth.  All of the voting citizens of the city, all of them were believers and members of the church.  They allowed others to reside there but they didn't have the same rights and privileges as those who were committed to Christ. Now, the original charter required that, and somehow that aspect of our spiritual heritage has been lost, where it was the body of Christ that was in total leadership with governments over the city.  So, we want to see that restored as much as possible and we want to see the residents of this city no longer in great affliction and no longer a reproach."

"Progressives should be wary," Tabachnick advises.  For more information about the Newark "Transformation" activities, NAR and Booker, visit Talk2Action.org.

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