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'Recovering atheist' Kirk Cameron explains the 'faith' principles of atheism

'Recovering atheist' Kirk Cameron explains the 'faith' principles of atheism

Kirk Cameron, the child actor turned evangelical Christian, claims that he is "a recovering atheist."

Cameron's latest film, Unstoppable, is premiering at the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University on September 24.  The film will also be shown nationwide.

"Not many people know this, but I am a recovering atheist," Cameron says in a trailer promoting his movie (embedded below).  According to Cameron, "There are two things that you must cling to by faith" in order to be "a good atheist" — (1) that there is no God and (2) that you hate God.

"Have you ever noticed how many people are so angry at someone they say is not even there?" he asks in the trailer.  "I mean, why do people hate God anyway?  I mean, why do they want to shut you up about talking about God and your faith in public?  Why do they want to take down your videos from Facebook and YouTube?"

Cameron explains that "they" — apparently referring to atheists — "hate God's moral standards" and "hate the way God is transforming the world even in the midst of tragedy and suffering."

Cameron has become a favorite right wing celebrity who denounces secularism to his Christian audience, alleging things like "America Was Modeled on the 'Hebrew Republic Under Moses'" at last year's Values Voters Summit and, in his last film called Monumental, relied on people like Christian nationalist David Barton to explain how "evil, atheist academics from Boston lied to Americans about the country’s Christian heritage." (The People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch has an excellent list of some of Cameron's proclamations.)

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  • OK. I'm skeptical about him ever being an atheist, because one cannot be angry with something that doesn't exist. How many adults are angry with Santa Claus? Does it really take faith to believe Santa Claus does not exist? Are they angry about being told Santa exist? If so, how many humans are they angry with over being taught there was a Santa Claus?

    • WarWeasle

      Please don't tell Kirk about Santa Clause! I don't think he could handle it.

      • lol He probably couldn't.

    • ChadW

      Christians who claim to be former Athiests are the same as evangelical nut cases who get phony PHD's from Christian colleges. Both are only attempting to legitimize thier loony beliefs with an "appeal to authority" fallacy.

      • Deborah_B

        I never thought of it that way — great point, Chad.

      • Well, I think it is the same when children learn nothing about religion in a home that is allegedly a Secular home. The children aren't truly atheists because they never had a chance to learn about a whole smorgasbord of religions. They aren't truly atheists in that respect, in part because they never had a chance to figure why they don't believe. If one was never taught about modern day mythologies, then how can one state why they don't believe any of them? This goes back to Dawkin's theories, but indoctrination is a form of child abuse, because it forces the child to succumb to what s/he is told to believe and not given a choice. Yet, if one isn't even taught about various religions, then so-called secular parents are doing the same thing, without any information. Either extreme is, IMO, a disfavour to the child and causes them to easily succumb to Fundamngelical snake oil salesmen.

        • Daviddickinson

          indoctrination is a form of child abuse

          Every single culture on earth does this. Anthropologists call it "acculturalization."

  • Shane Cassy

    There is no proof that God does not exist. The proof of God's existence is so obvious — it's all around us and within is — that one would have to a moron to deny it.

    • James

      You have to be a moron to deny something exists that there is no proof of? Where is this PROOF of god's existence? Please share with the group what no one else on earth has ever been able to provide. Thanks!

    • Clay

      If you have proof of God's existence write it down, get it peer reviewed and collect your Nobel Prize. And no, pretty sunsets and laughing babies are not proof.

    • I can say the same about Evolution.

    • James Johnson

      There is no proof that Thor does not exist either. Why don't you worship him?

  • Bor1am

    The idea that atheists hate God is absurd. They don't believe that God exists so there is nothing to hate. What they may hate are these believers who try to stuff their God down the throats of unbelievers and try to legislate their religion as the ruling body of the government.

    • Deborah_B

      I completely agree. Furthermore, I'm not sure how "hate" is an element of "faith."

      • Sane Spirit

        It's counter-intuitive Deborah. It makes no sense just like the Abrahamic religions. Just as they say the God is love but yet there is no love within the Bible. We are punished for seeking knowledge, condemned to a life of torment and then hell. God ordains wholesale slaughter but yet expects devotion to himself. And then, when that doesn't work he commits suicide. The epitome of hate, self hate,,go figure!!

    • Which also goes to show he is talking from a script and completely brainwashed. IMHO, he was one of these people who grew up in a home that didn't teach their children anything about religion and in the process, he was raised secular, but ignorant about religion. When the right snake oil salesman came along, Cameron was ripe for feeding, because he parents never tried to inoculate him by teaching him about various religions.

    • Sane Spirit

      Don't hate a non-entity, hate the institutionalized dogma and lack of critical thinking skills. As Mriana has pointed out, it is scripted as there is no "new" original thinking. The apologists just re-hash old arguments over and over again; there is no "evolution" of thought it remains as stagnant as the document for which it is based upon. Think about it, when was the last time religion came up with "something" new??

  • Sane Spirit

    Seems Kirk has found his money maker, religion sells and he knows it. Can't be angry at non-existence, and the fact that he had to learn about and study about "god" demonstrates that religion has to be taught. It is not implicit. We are taught religion.

    • Deborah_B

      Excellent point.

    • dave

      One thing though, that I have found interesting is as far as I know all cultures throughout the world and history have found the need to have some sort of Deity/super natural power.
      Is there some ingrained need in human psyche to have such attachment.
      Does it help bind groups/society together on a primitive level?
      I would be interested to hear others thoughts on the matter.

      • Sane Spirit

        If one traces the history of religion or the "need" to worship it will take you all the way back to Gobekli Tepe where the prevailing thought is that "religion" formed or created culture. It is mankind's need to explain the unexplainable and the "supernatural god" fit the bill. Greek myth is a good example as they have a god/goddess for everything, most of which is now explained by science.

        What is more intriguing is that people still cling to this antiquated explanation of the natural world. So in a sense yes (imho) it does bind people together on a primitive level. There are many studies that deal with this issue, search for Neuro-physiology of Religious Belief & Spiritual Practice.

  • Shawn

    I find it offensive that Kirk believes he can speak for all atheists by claiming that atheists must hate God. I have no hate for something that does not exist. I do have frustration with people who want to influence or control others lives based on the Bible. Don't mistake that as anger at God, that is in no way accurate.

  • redscream5

    So what… you can't argue effectively against an atheist, so now you have lie about what an atheist IS?

    That's pathetic.

  • Dolce

    This trailer is a prime example of why "they want to shut you up about talking about God and your faith in public". Erroneous statements, hyperbole, a lack of critical thought, and hope based on disempowerment and dependency… oh my.

  • xuinkrbin

    Kirk Cameron did not say, "America Was Modeled on the 'Hebrew Republic Under Moses'". Instead, He said the Framers relied "on the very eternal principles that had not been tested and tried from the ground up for three thousand years since the ancient Hebrew republic under Moses". The article to which You link states that directly. Please do not misquote People because doing so undermines Your credibility.

  • Daviddickinson

    Really, most atheists couldn't care less about God. We don't have the time to "hate" God. Why would we, we don't believe in him? I spend very little time hating flying polka-dotted elephants for the same reason. It would be nice to see religious types lighten up and laugh once in a while. Religious or not, we are all human and have much more in common than differences.

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