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Reality show featuring lavish lifestyles of Cal. megachurch pastors concerns Christian broadcaster

Reality show featuring lavish lifestyles of Cal. megachurch pastors concerns Christian broadcaster

The reality show, Preachers of L.A., is scheduled to air on the Oxygen network this fall.  Because it features the lavish lifestyles of six megachurch pastors in the Los Angeles area, at least one Christian network is concerned about the repercussions.

Craig Parshall, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the National Religious Broadcasters, writes that the media ignores "true to life ministries" where sincere pastors have a modest lifestyle.  Parshall writes that his organization is concerned about "the surveillance of, and possible interference with, legitimate Christian ministries under the guise of cracking down on a few organizations that supposedly abuse their IRS non-profit status with lavish spending."

According to Parshall, "Christian groups are a favorite whipping boy of the secular press, some members of Congress, and a few well-known Washington advocacy groups. Preachers of L.A. will just add more fury to the consistent cry for an anti-clergy crackdown in Washington and more bricks to the infamous 'wall of separation' of Church and State."

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  • yassine

    It would be interesting to have a reality show of the numerous small town pastors who struggle to survive. But I guess that is not exciting, is it?

    • Deborah_B

      Actually, I think that could be interesting, particularly with an emphasis on what kinds of things they do in a typically work week.

  • Radical MD

    A sucker born every minute_ha ha. More like hundreds born again continuously. Good thing there is no hell for those Pastors to worry about, thus no reason for those LA pastors not to take advantage of their flock

  • For 20 years I was involved with the W.O.F.
    Prosperity cult believing that this was Christianity. I hosted meetings
    with the likes of Copeland, Duplantis, Savelle, Thompson, Jakes, Dollar,
    Brown, and the list go on and on… GOD graciously delivered
    me from this lie. I wrote a book a few years back that addressed the
    lies and deceptions of those who promote this trash as the Gospel. There
    is a free Kindle download to Kindle readers and the book is also in
    paper back. If any person wants to read it and doesn't have the money to
    buy it, I will happily give a link to a PDF copy of the book. When this
    ridiculous show comes out I will gladly rip their false theology to
    shreds! I despise these heretics and the apostasy they condemn the
    ignorant too. http://www.amazon.com/Living-Hope-Imagination-Compelling-Revelation/dp/088144488X

    • Deborah_B

      William, would you be interested in being a guest on our show?

      • Deborah, absolutely! I only ask that you take the time to read my book before the show. Send me an email and I will post the link to a PDF copy. Thank you!

        • Deborah_B

          Fantastic! I always read the books before the show – I don't have your email, but ours is sitemanager @ goddiscussion.com This is something worth discussing, especially with someone in the know such as yourself. Thank you!!!

  • Camino1

    Our church loves and helps our community. We were happy recently to help our pastor have his first vacation in 4 years. We don't like it that way but we are a struggling congregation–some are unemployed, some are homeless, and some are students, along with a few middle class members.

    We're not angry with wealthy churches, but it is disturbing to see it flaunted because it misrepresents the vast majority of us.

  • Peter J. Reilly makes reference (video clip) to the upcoming television show in an article on Forbes today:


  • Jeff

    could shed a cleansing light on certain pastors and their proclivity to enrich their bank accounts at the expense of their flock. a good thing, right?

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