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Is it time for the Tea Party people to ditch their churches?

Is it time for the Tea Party people to ditch their churches?

A popular Tea Party commentator on YouTube says that patriotic Americans should ditch their churches — that is, if they're not right wing enough.

"Wild Bill for America" is a former law enforcement officer and a Christian missionary who says that he is well qualified to expose the threats of Islam.  He recently traveled to Jacksonville, FL, to participate in an anti-Muslim conference with other activists like Gene Youngblood and Randy McDaniels.

According to The Florida Times-Union, Pastor Youngblood supported Gainesville preacher Terry Jones "who threatened to burn a Quran and joined opposition against the appointment of a Muslim to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission."  Jones ultimately did burn a Quran,  igniting violence and deaths in Afghanistan for which he was unapologetic.  Youngblood was part of a movement by McDaniels, who popularized the fight against the nomination of Parvez Ahmed, a professor at the University of North Florida and a Fulbright scholar, to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission in 2010, which in turn drew attention to Daniels' business practices.  The Florida Times-Union reported that McDaniels had numerous consumer complaints filed against him for contracting work and that he owed "more than $500,000 in fines to the state for contracting jobs he botched or, in some cases, took money for but never performed."

"Wild Bill" seems to hold these anti-Muslim activists in high regard, as well as "Bible-believing Christians" who he thinks will save America.  In his view, the poor economy is because "American churches have been afraid to speak out on political and cultural issues." He thinks it's time for Americans to "ditch" their churches if the churches are not active enough in right wing politics (transcript follows video):

I recently spoke at a church in Jacksonville, along with Dr. Gene Youngblood, a pastor with the courage to speak out, and Randy McDaniels, one of America’s leading experts on Islamic aggression.

Now, Randy made a very good case for many Americans to ditch their churches. We’re facing a lot of very serious moral and economic problems in this country – problems that would never have gotten out of control if the Christians of America had been doing their duty to speak out and be active in our culture and our government. Every problem this nation is facing can be traced to disregarding the biblical principles of God, and the only real tool we have to repair the damage is for Americans to return to the ‘God and Country’ faith of our Founding Fathers.

Now that means that Bible-believing Christians have a duty to encourage churches to speak out boldly, publicly, for a return to biblical faith; to boldly declare that yes indeed, the United States is one nation under God. For too long now, American churches have been afraid to speak out on political and cultural issues.

If your pastor or church board refuses for whatever reason, leave, and take your checkbook with you.

Go find a church that is not afraid to stand for America.

And it is my personal opinion that you should not go quietly. Write a letter to the entire church body explaining why you’re leaving and distribute it. And then, if you’re feeling rowdy on your last day, stand up in the middle of the church service and read your resignation out loud. Patriotic Americans of faith will probably join you. And when those tithes start disappearing, what do you want to bet the churches will start finding their courage?

Too bad we didn’t do this 20 years ago.

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