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Ray Comfort's outrageous comments to CBN – Just like David vs. Goliath, he'll take down Richard Dawkins

Ray Comfort's outrageous comments to CBN – Just like David vs. Goliath, he'll take down Richard Dawkins

Last week, The God Discussion featured a story about anti-evolutionist and anti-science Ray Comfort's upcoming movie, 'Evolution vs. God.'

The film is being rabidly promoted by a who's-who of the Christian fundamental literalists, including Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum.

Ham stated,

“If you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.”

The trailer for the film states that the world's top evolutionary scientists had their feet held to the fire, and that evolution had finally been debunked due a lack of evidence.

While the theory of evolution remains one of the most completely researched aspects across several scientific disciplines, the religious right and Mr. Comfort still maintain that evolutionary theory is not science, but based on faith and imagination.

The latest venue to promote the film is the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

On the 10 July 2013 news episode, a reviewer at the Christian News Service claimed that the film is,

“Absolutely devastating! If it were a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the interviews with all of those people, including the professors.”

Ray Comfort joined in via Skype, and had heaps of praise leveled on him for his efforts.

The video below cites Comfort commenting on his claims to demolish the theory of evolution as,

“It’s a very bold claim to make, but absolutely true. We have an exciting 36 minutes and in the first 16 minutes you will see evolution unmasked. It is absolutely unscientific. It can’t be substantiated. It is based on nothing but blind faith and that’s the exact opposite of what atheists and evolutionists say, that intelligent design people have nothing but blind faith, they reject science.

No, no. It’s the exact opposite and this movie proves it to be true. We had over a thousand people download it yesterday and it really showed us – our website crashed. It really shows us that Christians are seeing the seriousness of the subject because when someone believes in evolution, that opens up a wonderful door to every sinful place you can imagine, that there’s no God and that we’re merely primates and anything goes.

Homosexuality goes, lesbianism goes, fornication, adultery, pornography, and that’s why this is so embraced by this generation. So we’re very excited. In fact, I’m so excited about this movie, I can’t sleep at night. Seriously.”

The interviewer asked Comfort about prominent evolutionary biologist, Dr. Richard Dawkins, who is apparently promoting the film to some 700,000 Twitter followers. Comfort stated,

“Well, you see, he thinks I’m a joke, I’m a clown. And so he’s not intimidated . It’s kind of a David and Goliath thing. I mean, he is a Goliath in the scientific world, intellectually, and I’m just a little skinny kid with a sling, so he’s not intimidated. But in this movie, ‘Evolution vs. God,’ we have a smooth stone that’s going to leave a deep impression on the mind of Richard Dawkins and take him down.”

CBN noted that biologist PZ Myers called Comfort a liar, to which Comfort responded,

“This is just the beginning. You’re going to see ad hominems; that is, when you cannot have an argument against your opponent, you take him down. You take his character down. And they’re going to attack on my character. It’s already begun, but I’m ready for it. This is a battle and I’m just so encouraged that so many atheists are intimidated when they see just the promo.

They are scared silly because they’re going to be unmasked. The emperor has no clothes. This exposes evolution for what it is. And another exciting and encouraging thing is Answers in Genesis is having the world premier this month at the Omega Conference in Tennessee and we’re very excited about that because this is 88 years to the month that the Scopes trial took place. And this is a reversal of the Scopes trial. This is where evolution is going to seem to be unscientific and resting on nothing but faith.”

For those who want to watch the movie, it can be downloaded on Comfort’s website now, and will be available to the general public on YouTube on 07 August 2013.

Here is the clip from CBN:

Here is the trailer for the film:

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  • Is it really worth discussing that God created everything in seven days? Anybody who believes that needs a brain transplant. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, anybody who believes in God needs a brain transplant. 🙂

  • Rick L.

    Odd. The Bible has two, mutually exclusive 'histories' of creation. Which one is the 'inerrant truth?'

  • A couple ambiguous questions, a few seconds of scientists scrunching up their faces.
    Okay, I'm convinced.

  • Richard

    Religion is the leading killer of mankind. Competition between religions created and continue to create the war of beliefs. Each religion claims the one true God and one true faith. Until and unless everybody begins believing the same thing, religion will continue to kill. It is my contention that religion should be regulated and required to remain within its own boundaries. Religious interference in politics and civil affairs is the precursor to strife and continued homicide.

    • extral

      not to mention the hindrance & retardation of science, & progress

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