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Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham not amused by reports of Creation Museum decline

Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham not amused by reports of Creation Museum decline

The God Discussion featured a story last week addressing attendance issues at Ken Ham's 'Creation Museum' in Kentucky. In particular, the falling off of attendance and the museum's subsequent attempt to gain more attendees. The first year the museum opened they boasted that 400,000 people visited. Last year, that number was almost halved to 250,000.  The story cited the 70,000 square foot museum more than two and half miles of zip lines, sky bridges and dragon exhibits to bolster their attendance numbers.

The story of the museum's troubles caught the attention of the magazine 'Christianity Today,' which featured as story on the topic. Ken Ham is not amused. In a story featured in the ultra right-wing conservative venue, WND, reporter Drew Zahn cited Ham's comments,

“In recent times, we have seen a concerted effort by secularists who are so opposed to AiG that they spread such misinformation concerning revenue and attendance about the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter and AiG in general. It’s sad that Christianity Today is now a party to this spreading of misleading and false information – and primarily to a Christian audience.”

Further comments by Ham regarding the report by Christianity Today,

“Our museum revenues have not declined. They are consistent with last year and are above our projections for this fiscal year (about to conclude). For all of AiG, our revenues are up from last year. Also, had they contacted us directly about Ark donations, [Christianity Today] would have learned that funding is steadily coming in for the Ark Encounter.”

Ham maintains that left-leaning 'tabloids' have used a misinterpreted and old financial report, stating,

“You have to be very careful reading these records. The CT reporter saw a figure from our former fiscal year, ending June 2012. … In the public records, it could appear that 2011 was better than 2012, but that’s not true: We had just spun off a part of AiG into another non-profit, and figures for that new non-profit of ours are now in a separate public document. When you add both our non-profit groups together, revenue for 2012 and 2011 was consistent.

“Bottom line: Nobody at CT called us to get the museum’s financial data from the past 12 months. Instead, it relied on old numbers and three secondary sources (two of which can’t be trusted to cover us accurately).”

Still, the reaction by the general public toward the new features and rides are mixed, as is evidenced by this video which was included in The God Discussion report cited at the top of this report:

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