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Number of 'Creation Museum' visitors drops

Number of 'Creation Museum' visitors drops

The number of tourists visiting Answers in Genesis' "Creation Museum" in northern Kentucky has fallen and, according to local ABC News affiliate Channel 9, the facility is losing money.

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The Creation Museum, which features 70,000 square feet of biblically-themed exhibits, is adding new attractions, like dragons and zip lines, to lure more people in.  The museum's website says that the new "Zip Line and Canopy Adventure Tours"  offer family-oriented entertainment that features "over two and a half miles of zip lines and sky bridges, it is the biggest and best zip line course in the Midwest!"

As to the dragon exhibition, dubbed "Dragon Invasion," the museum's website declares:

A dazzling new exhibit will soon descend upon the Creation Museum. Dragon Legends will bring visitors face to face with fantastic tales of dragons from all over the world.

Regale yourself with delightful artwork and other beautiful adornments as you stroll beneath extraordinary Chinese dragons in the museum's portico. Learn about fabulous encounters with these incredible beasts from China to Africa, Europe to the Americas, and Australia to the Middle East. Discover what ancient historians have written about these creatures, and examine armaments that may have been used by valiant dragon slayers.

Why are there so many dragon legends from cultures around the globe? Why do descriptions of these magnificent animals often sound similar to what we call dinosaurs? How could our ancestors carve, paint, or write about these creatures if they have truly been extinct for millions of years?

Evolutionists struggle to explain the intriguing evidence that people lived at the same time as dinosaurs. God's Word indicates that dinosaurs and man were created on the same day, so biblical creationists are not surprised to uncover clues that ancient man had indeed seen these beasts.

Were dinosaurs dragons? Find out at the Creation Museum's new Dragon Legends exhibit, and prepare to believe.

Attendance has dropped from over 400,000 when the museum first opened to just over a 250,000 last year. Visitors have mixed reactions. One man visiting the facility told ABC News that he "learned a little more about God" at the museum. "The whole thing seems kind of crazy," another told news reporters.

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