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Nebraska Republican Senator mansplains how women don't understand themselves.

Nebraska Republican Senator mansplains how women don't understand themselves.

Apparently women cannot be understood, even by themselves. At least that's according to anti-choice Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner. He does believe, however, his faith as a Christian gives him authority to make decisions on behalf of women.

According to a story filed by Addicting Info, a local venue named 'The Lincoln Journal-Star' has been running a series of articles featuring state politicians called 'In Their Own Words.'

What could possibly go wrong?

Anti-Choice Nebraska State Senator Says ‘Women Don’t Understand Themselves’

According to the story, when Kintner's turn came up, he said,

“Biggest mystery? Women. No one understands them. They don’t even understand themselves. Books and books and books have been written about it, and no one understands it.

You hear that, ladies? We don’t even understand ourselves. Even with all those books written about “it.” Thank goodness he pointed that out because for a while there (you know, all my life), I thought I understood what I wanted. I thought I wanted things like family, a good, strong marriage, an education, the freedom to have my own beliefs, to raise my kids in the manner I see fit, and to not have men who have never met me and mean nothing to me make decisions regarding my reproductive system. Good thing Bill Kintner came along and let me know that was just a figment of my imagination. Of course, “men,” he says, “are very easy to understand. Very basic, very simple.”

His comments on marriage?

“In our household, we have a separation of powers. The legislative is downstairs and the executive is upstairs. We don’t talk about what she does on her side and what I do on my side. There’s no sharing of inside information.”

Kintner has stated that his Christian belief system is what drives his pro-life point of view.

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  • How does his religion give him authority over women? Because his little book says so? He really needs to come into the 21st century and stop demeaning women. He obviously has no idea or even understanding of women's physiology. I feel sorry for his marriage, esp since there is obviously no communication and apparently claims authority over his wife in the bedroom.

  • Deborah_B

    "No sharing of inside information?" What is he talking about?

    For the right winger Christians, why were women "created" with brains and capable of thoughts and emotions? Wouldn't Christian men be better off with cows?

    • It's only to make their heart, lungs and reproductive organs function. The emotions are to assist them in boding with all their babies.

      Thank goodness my grandfather didn't think that way, despite being a Right wing Xian. He'd be in BIG trouble given that he had a wife, two daughters, and one, oddly enough, very liberal granddaughter. I doubt he'd win, even if 2 out of 4 (his daughters) are passive. His wife was much like myself, except a believer. I saw the two of them argue at least once and she was extremely stubborn. lol

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  • Karin Karejanrakoi

    Well, the senator is certainly “very easy to understand. Very basic, very simple.”

    He's an arsehole!

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