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Spiritualist starts experiment to see if she can "Live on Light" instead of food

Spiritualist starts experiment to see if she can "Live on Light" instead of food

"Breatharians" believe that humans can live on light instead of consuming food and liquids.  According to the Apologetics Index, breatharians are sometimes referred to as the "air cult."  Apologetics Index reports:

Breatharianism is a concept which promotes living on light and almost entirely without food and liquids. Jasmuheen, its most prominent promoter, has been exposed as a fraud, but not before several followers of her philosophy died.

Her book, "Living on Light," is also titled "Pranic Nourishment," referring to the Hindu concept of prana – Sanskrit for "breath" or "life-force."

Some Indian yogis have claimed that they do not eat.  One of the most famous is Prahlad Jani, an 82-year-old Indian yogi who claimed in 2010 that he had not eaten any food or had anything to drink for 70 years.

A 65-year-old spiritualist named Naveena has decided to see if she can go without food and live the breatharian lifestyle. She started her experiment on May 3. According to her press release, she has "put herself in a controlled environment for a period of four to six months with no food and only water, tea and coffee to drink. She is now at day ten. Her every move is being filmed and archived for future reference. Eventually the whole experiment can be viewed live on the internet."

Naveena's experiment appears to have some ecological motivation.

"Can you imagine, if we did not have to eat, just how free our lives would be? A vast amount of time, effort and resources go into merely putting food on the table. If humans did not have to eat, we could turn our planet back into a place of beauty. Our land could return to its pristine state, used for pleasure rather than need. Animals could be treated with respect. Time could be utilized for pleasure rather than the grind of work. Chemicals in the soil would no longer be needed and neither would all the destruction from the highly mechanized food industries," the Living on Light website states. "People living on this pure, ultimately renewable energy source called light would be free from all the pollutants of our modern industrial food supplies. There is so much we could do to change our world just from this one thing, just from this one understanding that humans do not have to eat. It would change everything."

"As early as 1910 Richard Steiner, scientist and philosopher, proclaimed that 'Matter is Condensed Light.' Breatharians, Sun-gazers and Yogis have claimed the capacity to 'Live On Light' for centuries but without hard evidence their claims have been dismissed and ridiculed," Naveena's press release states, adding the admonition, "Since death is what normally occurs when a person does not eat food, she warns people not to try this. It might be untrue or it might be that there are certain criteria needed in terms of physical, mental and spiritual readiness."

Naveena sees her whole life as a spiritual event and she frequently challenges commonly held assumptions. Her press release claims that she is named in the Guinness Book of Records (1997) for having walked barefoot across the hottest fire in the world. (Editor's Note – We have not been able to find this record in Guinness'online record search but will be linked if it can be found). When asked if she could "Live On Light" she said, "I don't know. My agenda is to find out. I did not know I could walk on fire until I did it."

The experiment is being chronicled on the Living on Light YouTube channel. Here's the video from the 6th day, where Naveena shares her background:

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