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Catholic Church to 'celebrate' the Reformation?

Catholic Church to 'celebrate' the Reformation?

Pope Francis welcomed Nikolaus Schneider, the president of the Evangelical Church in Germany, on Monday.  The visit marked Francis' first papal audience with a Protestant leader and his wife.

According to Rome Reports, "In a 30 minute meeting, the two leaders spoke about ecumenism. Both spoke about the martyrs as a bond between Christians, as well as the upcoming anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, and the possibility that both Churches will celebrate it together" (emphasis added; see video embedded below).

The Reformation, which involved Martin Luther and others' objections to the doctrines, rituals, leadership and ecclesiastical structure of the Roman Catholic Church, led to the creation of new national Protestant churches.

Many, including this site, will be watching Rome Reports to see if this will be clarified, or how the Catholic Church intends to 'celebrate' the Reformation.

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  • Peter

    If true, wouldn't Francis shake up the old guard? So far I'm impressed with him. We'll see

    • John

      He would shake up the "old Church". The Church, kid.
      Sad to say, the few Catholics who will notice and understand the implications, won't be surprised at all.

    • What is more humble: staying in the place that has been set up for you, or, saying: no. I won't stay here? Which is more humble: Accepting the role you have been voted into, namely: becoming the Pope, OR, saying, NO. I will NOT call myself what you voted me to be. I will call myself: BISHOP of Rome? Which is more humble: Caring for your children by changing the Rules FIRST, OR, breaking the rules—without telling anyone—without explanation, thus, confusing your children???
      Which is more humble: Doing what the guards anticipate you are going to do, so they can better protect you, OR, going wherever you want to go—-making them nervous—-unable to FULLY protect you? What is more humble? Blending in– or– doing things that draw attention to yourself?
      If Francis wanted to live in a "humble" dwelling place, he very well could have done so. He could have put sheets over the furniture, and made a cozy little corner for himself, secretively. But NO. He had to make a spectacle about it. NOW occupying 2 places (the other remains empty… not being used… perhaps he can use it for housing for the poor???). He could have changed the foot-washing rule (totally fine by me…) BEFORE breaking the rule. His actions have done nothing but cause confusion! What does this mean for all those priests/bishops who were visciously ATTACKED for REFUSING to wash the feet of women??? If rules don't matter, then, GOD ONLY KNOWS what's going to happen next! rules are meant to create harmonious living. His actions, as far as I'm concerned, are FAR from "humble," and I am unimpressed & disappointed—to say the least.

      • Peter

        Hell, give him some time it's only early days yet. You can't overturn hidebound thinking overnight. I'm a long time critic of Catholicism but Francis looks good. Even so, he can try to institute change but doesn't mean the conservative, powerful Bishops will agree or carry out his wishes.

      • Gabriel

        Spoken like a proud pharisee!

        • ProLifeMommyof2

          Spoken…..like a typical, ignorant Catholic!

          • Gabriel

            Not very Catholic to attack the Vicar of Christ..

  • How can the Pope celebrate Schism? This is salacious journalism at its finest.

    • LeeTimmer

      Just like all his predecesors after Vatican II celebrated indifferentism, religious liberty, the cult of man, etc. As long as Novus Ordo Catholics keep feeding the beast, this is what you get. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.” – Galatians 1:8

  • Allan Daniel

    I'd be impressed if the pope met with the SSPX, not with these clowns.

    • Gabriel

      The problem with SSPX is pride and disobedience. And no, Protestant Christians are not "clowns", they are members of the Church through their valid baptism.

      • Allan Daniel

        Gabriel, can you spell heresy? The have left the Church.

        • Gabriel

          A heretic is a Catholic who goes against Catholic teaching, such as Luther or Calvin, both of whom were Catholic. But Protestant Christians today were never Catholic, they are merely people who have heard the Word of God and accepted it; thus the Catholic Church has always recognized their baptisms as valid. Realize that Baptism makes a person a Member of the Body of Christ which is the Church.

          SSPX is founded on disobedience and denial of Church teaching. I'm afraid that SSPX has become a haven for modern-day pharisees..

          • Allan Daniel

            Gabriel, I think you make the case for the difference between objective
            and subjective heresy. One is a state and one an action. An invincibly
            ignorant protestant has not chosen to be in heresy, but he is still in
            an heretical church, believes heretical teachings and if he has the
            opportunity, he is duty bound to join the Catholic Church. The point of
            whether a person has chosen to become a heretic or not is important to
            the individuals salvation, but whether he chose that state or not he is
            heretical by the nature of his beliefs.

            A protestant baptism is
            valid not because of the state of the protestant church, but because it
            is, along with marriage (with more restrictions), a sacrament the does
            not require ordained clergy to be valid. The water baptism by a
            non-believer who intended to do what the church required would also be
            valid, I believe.

            The SSPX are most certainly not heretics, as
            noted by Pope Benedict. A case can be made that they are schismatic, but
            not heretical.

  • Mack

    This is nothing but trash.. and wishful thinking

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