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April 14 marks "4-11 Window" — Believers will pray that 2 billion children turn into Christians and 'transform the world for Christ'

April 14 marks "4-11 Window" — Believers will pray that 2 billion children turn into Christians and 'transform the world for Christ'

Sponsors of the "Global 4/14 Day" want at least 1 million Christians to pray for 2 billion children on Sunday, April 14, so that children between the ages of 4 and 14 will discover Jesus and become the next generation of Christians.

"There are 2.3 billion children on earth under age 15 and they represent the largest unreached people group in the world. Boys and girls in the 4/14 Window are given priority because they are more open and receptive to the gospel than older youth and adults. Nearly 85% of people who make a decision for Christ, do so between the ages of 4 to 14!" the Global 4/14 Day website explains in its FAQ. "The 4/14 Window Initiative is 'to raise-up a new generation from the 4/14 Window to transform the world for Christ.' This is simply the mission statement of the 4/14 Window Movement."

To reach their child evangelism mission, the movement's research and work teams have identified various "tracks" focusing on specific ministry needs. The tracks are reminiscent in some respects to the seven mountains of Christian dominionist theology and include but are not limited to:

  • An "Education Track" to "promote the focus of reaching, equipping and empowering children and teenagers to transform their community and nations through educational institutions;"
  • The "Media & Literature Track" to "gather broadcast and print influencers and implementers together to provide compelling media and literature resources for children, to be a voice to the Church for the urgency of the 4/14 Movement, and to train up, disciple and empower children to be the new generation of media and literature makers;" and
  • The "Government & Political Track" that will "link influential national political leaders, members of congress, cabinet ministers, political thinkers and Christian lobbyists in order to identify existing biblical-based policies & laws that protect and aide children and families. They will develop strategies to write new policies & laws as necessary, share best practices from around the world, work through networks to see policies adopted and implemented, and recruit and train a new generation of political leaders with a biblical worldview."

The Global 4/14 Day website has published a prayer guide.  Some of the prayer issues involve human rights issues for children, such as prayers for children of alcoholic parents, children who are victims of sex trafficking, children who are deprived of educational opportunities, and a number of other humanitarian issues for youngsters worldwide.  But it also includes prayers for kids' "spiritual needs" —


  • Salvation (That EVERY child will hear, understand, and respond to the GOOD NEWS!)
  • For boys and girls who cannot hear the gospel, due to government laws and restrictions
  • Discipleship (opportunities for spiritual growth, nurturing, and service)
  • A copy of the Bible in their own language
  • For existing churches to “wake - up” and make children’s ministry a priority
  • For new churches to be planted within reach of all children
  • For Christian parents and stable families
  • For kids to be surrounded by a community of Christ followers and Christian mentors

As noted back in 2010, religion may die on the Internet.  This year, psychologist and author Valerie Tarico also speculated that religion might not survive the Internet.  In one of its promotional videos (embedded below), the 4/11 Window movement acknowledges that Internet communication is influencing young people — and many of those young people are leaving the churches.

"The church today faces it's (sic – its) greatest challenge in history," the advertisement warns with a ticking clock in the background.  "An entire generation hangs in the balance.  Will the church win them or lose them?"  The ad suggests that churches need to be more involved in reaching young people via online social networks, raising a battle cry for viewers:  "Join the movement to rise up and fight, to win, to disciple, to transform a generation.  The finest hour for the church has arrived!"   Watch:

About D.

  • I think it speaks VOLUMES about ANY spiritual philosophy when 85% of its adherants are recruited BEFORE they reach an age where they can make a logical, reasoned decision about its legitimacy or validity.

  • Peter

    Not to worry! We all know how effective pray is.

  • Steve Karges

    How many Christians who read this blog are going to pray for the world's children on Global 4/14 Day (Sunday, April 14)? I WILL! Plan on joining me and a million others. Visit http://www.Global414Day.com

    • Spuddie

      Doesn't Christianity have enough problems with child abuse?

  • Dezzydez

    Ahh some dominionism with indoctrination of young children to try to accomplish it. Sick stuff.

  • Pakistani Models
    Dont worry , we all know tat how much pray is effective

    • What is more effective is keeping one's children away from Fundamngelical churches. By the age of 14, my younger son asked me "Mama, what's the Rapture?" He never heard about it before then, apparently, and when I tried to explain it to him, he laughed about dead people rising from the dead. My older son calls it Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Spuddie

    OK show me on the doll where Christ touched you.

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  • It's very important to indoctrinate people into christianity before they reach the age of reason. I mean, what adult is going to buy a story about talking donkeys and virgin births?

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