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More evidence surfaces that we are stardust

More evidence surfaces that we are stardust

Comets could have seeded life on Earth

A concerted effort resulted in a remarkable discovery that supports the origin of life on our planet was the result of comets. Chemists from California and Hawaii have presented data that shows conditions in space can result in the formation of complex dipeptides.

The research from Berkeley and Manoa, respectively, show how these linked pairs of amino acids, which are shared building-blocks of all forms of life, may have been deposited on the planet by a comet or from meteors

According to a story published by Phys.Org, these comets or meteors catalyze the formation of proteins (polypeptides) and enzymes, and possibly more complex molecules like sugars. these enzymes are required for life to exist.

Chemist Richard Mathies of UC Berkeley, and the co-author of a paper that was published last week, stated,

"It is fascinating to consider that the most basic biochemical building blocks that led to life on Earth may well have had an extraterrestrial origin."

The paper is due to be published on 10 March 2013 in the The Astrophysical Journal.

Research scientists have known about the existence of basic organic molecules for quite some time, as they have found the molecules in many meteorites which have impacted the planet. However, until this discovery, they have not been able to find the complex molecular structures which are 'prerequisites for our planet's biology.'

These new discoveries allow for the possibility that the previous assumptions that life must have originated on this planet to be questioned more seriously.

According to the story, the research included test materials being put into an…

"…ultra-high vacuum chamber chilled to 10 degrees above absolute zero (10 Kelvin), Seol Kim and Ralf Kaiser of the Hawaiian team simulated an icy snowball in space including carbon dioxide, ammonia and various hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane and propane. When zapped with high-energy electrons to simulate the cosmic rays in space, the chemicals reacted to form complex, organic compounds, specifically dipeptides, essential to life."

Continuing, the researchers analyzed the resulting organic residues, using sophisticaged equpment that Dr. Mathies designed, called the 'Mars Organic Analyzer,' which serves uses ultrasensitive detection to 'identify small organic molecules in the solar system.'

The result was the identification of nine amino acids and two dipeptides, which are capable of catalyzing biological evolution

For more information, links, charts, graphs and access to other research materials, please read the story at Phys.Org

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Al is a retired author, writer and journalist. His books include "Free Thoughts - A Collection Of Essays By An American Atheist" and "A Voice Of Reason In An Unreasonable World - The Rise Of Atheism On Planet Earth." Al began writing in 1985, starting with the New York Times. In 1993 he joined a McClatchy newspaper, writing a weekly column for ten years. His writing continues to be widely distributed on the Internet and in print. He also produced and hosted a weekly syndicated radio broadcast from 1995 to 1998, and his work won a North Carolina Journalism award in 1998. Al is the former Georgia State Director for American Atheists, Inc., and served on the Board of Directors for "The Clergy Project." He is also a former Southern Baptist Pastor, having served two churches and as pulpit supply for three counties. Currently, he writes part time for The God Discussion, co-hosts the Internet radio programs, "The God Discussion Show" and "Reap Sow Radio." Al lives in the Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City, GA.
  • Awesome thought provoking discovery! I don't know why many people insist on Bible and Quran stories of life when Nature is so real and so much better! Thanks for the article.
    Progress! Bob Johnson

    • the Juggler

      I'm a theist, but I can definitely see how non-theological approaches to understanding the universe and naturalistic explanations of life have their rewards. I like solving puzzles, for example. Not that I'm good at them or anything, but the "doing" is inherently pleasurable.
      Retardation! Scott Morgan

      • Well, I guess you could say, if you really want to keep your religious beliefs, God used all the chemicals of the universe, at His disposal, including and esp star dust, to create human life on earth, but that would be a "God of the Gaps" theory. OR by the same token, a deist could say God threw all the chemicals out there, stood back, and let it all fall as it may, creating life on earth. Either way, you still have a "God of the Gaps" theory. I use to be a theist and did this stuff quite often as I followed science, but eventually, one finds that just doesn't work and they must make a choice between the Wizard of Oz and scientific reality.

        • the Juggler

          I wouldn't say that I'm trying to keep my religious beliefs.

          Have you ever read Genesis 1 & 2? You might remember attempting to reconcile those creation accounts when you were trying to save your own faith (or maybe you didn't go that route; heck, I don't even know if you subscribed to Christianity). If you've never tried, do it for sport. Me, I have to speculate rather heavily to do it and what I come up with doesn't really match anything I've been taught in church. You would think the Bible could hold off on the contradictions for at least 5 chapters; or at least put some space between contradictory accounts. But at least the reader knows right away what he or she is in for, so you have to appreciate the forwardness of the Genesis author.

          I tend to stay humble when I see nonbelievers making the best efforts they can to understand their world. Its as if, in a way, they're doing what they're supposed to be doing by searching, discovering, and discussing.

          Gaps, religious and scientific, are what they are. We all face them.

          As for the Wizard of Oz, at least there is only one version of that story (that I know of).
          Backwardness! Scott Morgan

          • I was pondering Genesis 1 & 2 before I was a teenager, asking questions such as "How did two people populate the earth and who did their children marry?" and "Why are there two different versions of the same story?" As I got older, it just became funny to me. I grew up with ministers in my family, in some respects I was a little further along than some. Strangely enough, when I was 4 or 5, maybe 6, I was at the zoo and commented that the primates look just like us, only with more fur. That got me into a bit of trouble, but when I learned about Evolution, I understood why we looked so much alike. Science made more sense to me than the Bible. That and when more than one minister, none of them my relatives, told me they are just stories and in now way can they be taken literally, then I knew there was a problem with the whole thing- esp in the case of taking any of them literally- and started doing my own research, questioning, and all. It soon led to disbelief in any human created deity- which the Xian deity is one.

  • Peter

    It’s called panspermia and its first known mention was in the work 5th century BCE Greek philosopher Anaxagoras. During the Dark Ages, of course, any questioning of biblical creation was forbidden. But in the mid-19th century it was theorized again. So, this modern work is just speculation impossible to prove one way or another but I find the idea appealing. Why does that Joni Mitchell lyric go through my head: “We are stardust, we are golden.” Who knows, I’m stuck in the sixties.

  • latisse

    nice blog post, i like your blog post.



  • Mel

    Great and controversial topic. There is no doubt there is endless supply of believers and non believers of creation. Just shared this on facebook cant wait to see what i have stirred up.

    Look forward to more of your work.
    Numerolgy Meanings

  • Cool! I always knew we were part of the universe. 🙂

  • After reading this, if only I could understand and see what is going on out there. Sometimes it just gives me the creeps that there are so many thing which you can't control or decide. And to think of it, things are indeed complex.

  • James Souleyrette

    Well, Adam amd Eve lived for a very, very, very long time, and their children lived very, very long lives as well. They were the initial, perfect humans, they were capable reproducing for years, that was their commandment. They multiplied quickly, and for several centuries, as did their children.

    • Do you really believe Adam and Eve existed? The story is just a story, mythology misunderstood. As Tom Harpur stated in the video below, "Religion is mythology misunderstood."


      • James Souleyrette

        I strictly believe in the bible. It is God's word. I understand other people have different views and that's fine. However there is a biblical explanation for the multiplication of the human race.

        • That is one very human explanation, but it is not the only explanation, because "every human culture has it's creation myths" ~ Carl Sagan.

          • James Souleyrette

            Well, that's what faith is all about. Seeing all the evidence against you and standing firm knowing that what you believe is true. There are many verses in the bible that reference the illusions made by the world to cloud our minds and try to dissuade us from believing.
            Having said that, that doesn't mean we should all be bible thumping morons that know nothing of the culture around us, however, we should be able to walk headfirst into those cultures and not doubt what we know to be the truth.

            • Humm… If you did not believe gravity was true and believed you would not have a hard landing upon falling, but something, such as God, would catch you, despite all the evidence against your belief, would you still stand firm concerning your belief that the law of gravity was false? There is a theory out there that states gravity might not be true, but there is plenty of evidence to dissuade us from believing that conspiracy. Do you really know what is truth? Is that long winding thing in the dark a snake or a rope? Will the light of day enlighten you to know it is a rope or will you take the fear in the dark of it being a snake to be truth? I guess if you believe the long winding thing in the dark is a snake, then all you will lose sleep.

              • James Souleyrette

                Well, for me, Christ is the light that uncovers all truths. I'm not afraid of science, or anything of the sort, but I believe that God created the entirety of the universe, He created man in His image, and He gave us His only son as the ultimate sacrifice for all human sin. Alot of people try to say that science opposes God, however, science is a way to study and understand His design.

                • So um… that said, what colour is God's skin? Is he an old man with arthritis, deafness, and/or blindness? or is He just a terrible creator of the human species and while we are on it, why is God a he and not an it or a she? If God made man in his own image, what image did he create woman? If you say man equals human, than we go back to why isn't God both sexes, a hermaphrodite? And how can one being create and entire universe all by themselves? I think that would take more than 6000 years to do all by oneself. How do you explain Evolution? Did God get tired of how all animals, including humans looked and decided to do some remodelling? Personally, I don't think the remodelling job was much of an improvement, esp with a playground beside a garbage dump, as well as the food/water hole and the air hole practically the same hole. He did better designing dolphins concerning the food/water tube and air holes, but poor things can't come on land and spend any time enjoying the nice sun, which seems like a flaw in and of itself. While we are at it, if Jesus is his son, why is he depicted as Caucasian in many pictures, esp when he was allegedly born in the Middle East? Seems to me, Jesus would be more Cosmopolitan to represent everyone on the planet… Humm… Maybe that explains why Xianity is not an Eastern religion. Jesus wasn't Asian and if Jesus wasn't Asian, then what does that say about God? Did he really create humans in his own image, being neither female or Asian or African…? Seems to me, humans, esp men, created God in their image, making him their view of perfection, and not the other way around.

                • James Souleyrette

                  There is a study on thw femininity of God actually. Jesus was Jewish, not white, the public image of him was changed due to the Catholics church's influence. Nobody knows what God looks like, however the reason we refer to Him as a He is evidenced by the fact that he created Adam, the first man, in his image. Then he created man's "partner" woman. As for evolution, there isn't enough proof to make that a fact. Mathematically, its almost impossible for evolution to work, adaptability is a different story, but DNA remodelling by even 1% has a 1 in 10,000,000,000 chance of happening in even one organism. Therefore our idea of evolution just won't work, however we can adapt, but on a much smaller level. Even Darwin had his doubts on his own research.
                  But as for your previous questions, I probably wasn't paying attention to be perfectly honest.

                • Really? Have you studied Jewish mythology? There once was a woman named Lilith- Adam's first wife, which did not make it into the Bible: http://judaism.about.com/od/jewishculture/a/Where-Does-The-Legend-Of-Lilith-Come-From.htm (one of many sources).

                  According to the legend, a form of mythology, Lilith said God's name and rebelled against him, saying she would not lie under Adam. She left Adam and an angel was sent to make her come back, but she refused. A curse was placed upon her children, of which she had many, making them demons or eaten by demons or both, I forget which. She still refused to return, leading to the very first divorce. So Adam and Eve did not create the first humans on earth. Adam and Lilith, as well as the others she mated with did, according to the mythology. Eventually, she became the killer of babies because she turned the curse back on YWWH.

                  There are two accounts of creation in the Bible- the P and the Y versions. There is a reason, in Judaism for the P and Y versions of stories, but none are meant to be taken literally. They are myths to help explain, as humans understood back then, how creation was done, but purely in the realm of Aesop's Fables (another form of myth).

                  Originally, in the P version, the creation God made was androgynous, but was then split in two. You actually see this in the story, but the Latin (Vulgate for the Vulgar (masses)) and English translated it a bit differently from the Hebrew. The King James version of the Bible is the worst translation of Hebrew ever written. These myths, according to many scholars, including the one I took a few religious courses under (Victor H. Matthews, who can be found on Amazon), came from other sources, such as Assyria, Sumeria, and Assyria. They were retold according to the culture of the Jews.

                  Originally, the Hebrew religion has both a male and female god, but the female statue, created many centuries ago, before BCE, was severely damaged, supposedly after the Hebrews went to one God. So, calling God a he has nothing to do with Adam, but rather the movement to one deity and patriarchal control.

                  There is plenty of proof of Evolution. Look at our closest relatives- other apes. They look just like us, only with more fur. The human genome is 98% similar to other apes, but we are did not evolve from apes. We are related to them, but we did not evolve from them. Not convinced? Research the evolution of viruses and even birds. The idea of Evolution works very well, esp when you study the various genomes and discover the various similarities between various species. I am very happy and thrilled to be related to other apes, as well as share 98% of their DNA.

                  I can go on and on about Evolution and how it is more factual than Creationism. As for Darwin, he really did not have doubts about his own research, but doubts about God, so much so that he tried not to share his findings with his believing wife, not wishing to put her through the pain he went through concerning the idea of a deity.

                  I suggest to you more research about Evolution and Darwin, starting with these two sites:



                  I can suggest more when you are ready, if ever.

  • Abdhesh kumar

    excellent post i like this and definitely i will continue as a reader and learnt from it

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