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Tea Party group wonders if CPAC has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood

Tea Party group wonders if CPAC has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood

Conservatives confronted with the Republican Party's "stupid party" image after the November 2012 election will be gathering on March 14-16 for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. CPAC is an annual, 3-day gathering of conservative activists and political leaders who network and set the tone of the conservative political agenda.

This year, CPAC has not been without controversy . Box Turtle Bulletin's Timothy Kinkaid has pointed out that gays — and in particular, GOProud — are banned from any formal role because of the cries of the Family Research Council and other religious right activists.  Chris Christie, the popular governor of New Jersey, has not been asked to speak, presumably due to his vocal approval of President Obama's handling of the Sandy hurricane disaster shortly before the 2012 election, but Sarah Palin and Allen West, controversial Republican figures, have been invited.

The latest is a Tea Party group wondering if CPAC has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood.

"PolitiChickTV" interviewed JihadWatch.org's Robert Spencer, who complained  "about the blatant blacklisting of anyone who speaks out against the threat of Islam in America at the GOP convention CPAC, including Pamela Gellar, Frank Gaffney and himself."

In a video published on March 4, PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell expressed her confusion about why Spencer, "who is trying to help our country" would be "shut out" of CPAC.  "What is your reaction to that?" she asked.

"That is a result of more Muslim Brotherhood influence," Spencer answered.  "Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is an extraordinarily influential presence in the Republican party because of his tax work.  He has close ties to numerous people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and even worse.  He was a close friend of Abdurahman Alamoudi who was the leading moderate Muslim in the 90s and who is now serving time in prison for financing al-Qaeda and so Grover Norquist is the chief enabler in the Republican party of Islamic supremacist and Muslim Brotherhood influence in the U.S. Government."

"Until the Republican party cleans house of these nefarious influences, there is not going to be any significant force in Washington fighting back against Islamist supremacist infiltration," he warned.

Right Wing Watch pointed out last year that Glenn Beck and Jerry Boykin have also accused Norquist's wife, Samah Norquist, of being a "lackey for the Muslim Brotherhood" and that other extremists fretted that Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Spencer is a frequent guest of far right Christian talk shows, rallying against the alleged threat of Sharia law in America and claiming that "liberals and Islamists are united because they loathe America."

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  • Today's "Tea Party" is a corrupt, usurped by the Republican religious right group. The original Libertarian Tea Party, founded by Dr. Ron Paul….is an all together different ballgame.

  • Agreed. The religious right completely took it over from the Ron Paul movement.

  • The Republicans knew that scamming in the religious right would give them votes. Republicans care nothing about We the People. Do your research.

  • Do you actually believe that the hurricane Sandy issue is the only strike against Christie's conservative credentials?

    • As a New Yorker, I can tell you one of the other serious problems with Christie Cream is his outspoken support of the 9/11 Jihadi memorial "mosque" next to GZ, and he also appointed some jihadi to a judgeship or other important position in NJ.

      Christie is a fiscal haw but between his slobbering endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama and his love for jihadis, he's not conservative.

      • Spuddie

        As a New Jerseyite I can tell you unequivocally Christie is no fiscal hawk. He has funneled state money into bullcrap construction projects of a casino and ghost mall at the cost of jobs, improving the lives of commuters and the education of people in the state.

        If diverting state money to pay cronies is being a fiscal hawk then your definition needs a helluva lot of work.

  • Is this true? The CPAC is influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood? How could this happen?

    • info warrior

      Robert Spencer is a notorious Islamophobe. Delusional, a promoter of racist conspiracy theories.

      • Those who utter "Islamophobe" are simply CAIR commandos or have never picked up a Koran…nice try though.

        • Spuddie

          This is the anti-muslim equivalent of someone saying "they are playing the race card". Its not a denial of being a bigot, just annoyance that someone has pointed it out.

  • Peter

    Breaking News: It has come to light that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the Canadian Government. Just today Stephen Harper appeared wearing a Burqa and promised that Islamic Law is the new order. Knowing the reaction from our southern neighbours the RCMP Camel Corps deployed to border crossings. Incidentally, the RCMP no longer wear the Smoky the Bear hats but head dressing like Arafat. For updates check Fox News. (Is that an oxymoron). Your friendly terrorist, Pete. Really guys is this for real?

    • Deborah_B

      Did you ever see that movie, Canadian Bacon, by Michael Moore? Not exactly on target with this discussion here, but your comment made me think of it. It was quite a funny movie but the message in it was clear.

      More on topic, I wouldn't put it past some of these folks to start claiming that Canada has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, there is gay marriage there…and even though their argument makes absolutely no sense, I've seen some religious right people equate gay marriage and Sharia law.

      • Peter

        Long live Bud Boomer.

  • colourmegone

    Quite amazing how these fanatics rant about religious freedom in one breath and then condemn one of the world's major religions as a "threat" in the next.

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