Dinosaurs by Design

Dinosaurs by Design

In art quality and detailed information on these mysterious beasts, this book rivals that of any secular source. However, the strong Biblical theme makes it unique among dinosaur resource books. Offers plausible explanations for believing that man walked with dinosaurs.

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5 Stars Fascinating!!!
This is an excellent book! I used it as a resource for several things in a college paper and plan on using it a lot more. I will be buying lots more of Prof. Gish's products!

5 Stars Perfect for any child who loves dinosaurs and believes God's word is true
When my 3 year old son told me dinosaurs weren't around at the same time as people, I explained to him (again) that God created the dinosaurs the same time as all the other animals. Many died during the flood. There were dinosaurs on the ark. Probably many dinosaurs that came off the ark were killed off by knights. He replied, "Well then why are there never people in the pictures with the dinosaurs?" It was then I that I decided I needed to buy this book. My son was mesmerized by the pictures and looked through it over and over again. He would even sit through me reading the pages (which are a bit wordy for such a young child). My son is now 6 and he still loves the book. He still doesn't read much of it himself, but he loves for me to read it to him. Especially neat to this book is the section that has a drawing of each dinosaur, a map of where their fossils have been found, their family, fossil locations, diet, & interesting facts. We also purchased "Dinosaurs of Eden" and "When Dragon's Hearts Were Good" both of which I would also recommend. "The Amazing Story of Creation" might be good for when he's older. It still doesn't keep his attention.

5 Stars GREAT!!!
I LOVE dinosaurs and my Mom got me this book. It has great facts,illustrations, and my favorite part is 'evolutionary fairy tales.' It makes awesome points and did I mention it disproves evolution. Awesome book awesome view.

5 Stars Fantastic! Clear, Informative & well organized!
Stumbled upon this book and was very excited. It has great information on how fossils are created, were found & preserved. It also shows detailed information on many different kinds of dinosaurs including where they have been found. This was very interesting to me to see how many are all over the world even in places where in the current climate they could never survive. He explains how the flood could (and did in my opinion) account for these things as well as how many other cultures all over the world have a flood or deluge legend in their history. He also explained how the ice age may have occurred which made a lot of sense.

I appreciate that there is a lot of emotion and faith required to believe anything about the origins of the world–evolution included, since it cannot be 'proven' scientifically through hypothesis and experimentation. Either way, you have to accept certain things on faith. This book provides a plausible (not necessarily definitive since he wasn't there) explanation from a Creationist's perspective. I am quite sure that Evolutionists have many books that discuss things from their perspective as well with just as much speculation. Obviously nothing I say or anyone else says is going to change the pre-conceived ideas that people have about whether Evolution or Creation is true but if you are at all curious as to what the Creationist position on this might be, this is a very good summary.

Great for kids as well!

5 Stars Surprise! this makes sense
My young son is obsessed with dinosaurs and although I am not a dogmatic "young earth" creationist,I decided to make sure he was aware of the various theories on dinosaurs and creation. This book and a few others like it were extremely interesting. The historical examples, scientific flood evidence and even the cultural references to "dragons" in every ancient culture certainly made sense. Science although claiming to be precise and absolute is certainly ever-changing. The dinosaur books we have that present the evolutionary "millions of years" view are full of holes and require much more "faith" to believe. Carbon dating seems to be the kicker in this debate, the accuracy of which is certainly just that, debatable. This book is worth a look and the viewpoint should not be dismissed as "crap" . It is indeed very interesting, thought provoking and quite possibly true.

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