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300 million year old 'UFO tooth wheel' discovered in coal in Russia; strange artifact that predates Biblical Creation puzzles scientists

300 million year old 'UFO tooth wheel' discovered in coal in Russia; strange artifact that predates Biblical Creation puzzles scientists

A strange artifact that scientists have put at 300 million years old has been discovered in one of the pieces of coal that a man used to heat his home with in Vladivostok, Russia.  The man, puzzled by what seemed to be pressed into the coal, decided to give the chunk to scientists in the Primordye region of Vladivostok.  Vladivostok is very near Russia's border with China and North Korea, in the southernmost part of Primorsky Krai, where Russia houses its naval Pacific fleet.

Finding objects pressed into coal is not an uncommon thing, or so the Voice of Russia claims.  It cites as evidence objects found in coal in the United States that are supposed to be of paranormal origin, dating back to 1851, and this website claims that such UFO objects have been found since the 14th century.

When scientists got hold of the chunk of coal, they found a number of things about what was pressed into it that puzzled them.  The first was its distinctive shape, which conspiracy theorists have dubbed a "UFO tooth wheel."  Voice of Russia reports:

The metal detail which was recently found by Vladivostok resident is yet another discovery which perplexed the scientists. The coal in which the metal object was pressed was delivered to Primorye from Chernogorodskiy mines of Khakasia region. Knowing that the coal deposits of this region date 300 million years back, Russian experts inferred that the metal detail found in these deposits must be an age-mate of the coal.

When geologists broke the piece of coal in which the metal object was pressed into and spot-treated in with special chemical agents, it turned out that the metal detail was unusually light and soft. No more than seven centimeters long, the object was found to be composed of 98 percent aluminum and 2 percent magnesium. On the one hand, such an alloy stalled the scientists because nearly pure aluminum is very rarely found in nature. Thus, the detail was most definitely created artificially. On the other hand, however, when it became clear that the object was made from aluminum-magnesium alloy the experts quickly found an answer to the question of how a metal detail could withstand the ravages of time so well. The scientists explained that pure aluminum is increasingly prone to oxidization which contributes to the creation of a special layer protecting it from further corrosion. As a result, the metal detail made 98 percent from aluminum can endure not only high pressure but also heat and other severe natural conditions.

Another question that interests Russian scientists is whether the aluminum alloy is of Earthly origin. It is known from the study of meteorites that there exists extra-terrestrial aluminum-26 which subsequently breaks down to magnesium-26. The presence of 2 percent of magnesium in the alloy might well point to the alien origin of the aluminum detail. Nonetheless, further testing is needed to confirm this hypothesis.

Is it a piece of machinery from an extraterrestrial nation who explored earth before Adam and Eve?   Is there an intelligent species "out there" who built it?  What is it? The Internet is hardly buzzing yet since the story has only been out for less than 10 hours.   We were hard pressed to get an actual photo of the object as the photo Voice of Russia has is of some iodine crystals.   You be the judge—at this point, anything is possible.

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    sad nonsense, this is made up rubbish.

  • Matthew

    …"before Adam and Eve"; really? ..wow, you guys actually believe that? I always thought that was considered even by religious folk as just a fictional tale that appears in the bible. What about Santa? What's your stance on that?

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