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The cause "Remove F**k Jesus Christ from Facebook" gains momentum

The cause "Remove F**k Jesus Christ from Facebook" gains momentum

The cause "Remove F**k  Jesus Christ from Facebook" seeks to have Facebook block "all attempts by persons to curse against any religion"  by having as its current goal to enlist 500,000 people so that Facebook will act to take down the page. To date, the cause has enlisted over 51,000 people. The page itself does not explicitly cite what faith they are, but cite what some think are atheist points of view. The page is currently being buried by comments from Christians denouncing the page; at this point in time, there are over 4,000 comments by supporters on Causes.com.  Comments by supporters range from indignation to comparisons between Islam and Christianity:

From Rob:  If this was a "F–k Mohamad", I wonder how tough the account creator would be and how quickly Facebook would tripping over themselves to remove it." Kinda to bad we Christians have earned a reputation of "push over", and we back it up everyday.

From Joe:  Christ suffered the most inconceivable torture and sacrificed everything for us, only to have satans siblings rebuked god with such insults in return. God Loved us and sacrificed everything for us so that we may be with him, these demonic beings have nothing but hate and filled with poison, all that can come from them is poisons evil that continues to persecute Christ.

Some commenters are in favor of pushing the UN to make criticism against Christianity punishable by the courts.  This would seem to undermine the Constitution on free speech, which the Supreme Court of the United States has made many rulings on, supporting freedom of speech even in cases of hate speech, including supporting the Westboro Baptist Church's right to demonstrate at military funerals.  

There are some Christians, however, who are not joining the movement to remove the page from Facebook.  Phywriter.com blog explains:

First, Jesus is my Lord. I say that clearly and easily. The Jesus of the Bible is more than just a sage or a wise man, he is the living Son of the living God, and has literally changed my life for the better. He is as heroic a historic character as there is in all recorded literature, and I like a good hero.

Second, I understand the impulse to defend the one I serve. I completely understand the reason for creating the group. Which leads me to the next point.

Third, I think Jesus himself is in no way damaged by those words. He eitheris Lord or he isn’t, and nothing on Facebook will change that either way.

Furthermore, I think strong-arm censorship helps no one. I’d rather show somebody a better way than tell them they can’t do something. I know my own reaction when somebody tells me I can’t do something.

Finally, I think the better way to honor Jesus if you believe in him is to act Christ-like, which has more to do with demonstrating grace than telling people what they shouldn’t do. I have a theory that if one engages in a habit that is bad for them, the closer that one gets to the living God, the more they will want to live according to God’s design.

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  • What's funny about this is that group only has 10 members and Causes needs 500,000 signatures to get rid of them.

    • Deborah_B

      Remember when that movie came out against Islam and triggered all those riots last year? When people at the UN started saying that blasphemy should be banned, some right-leaning Christian groups were furious because these suggested measures were "pro Islam" and would "impose Sharia law." I don't see what the difference is between blaspheming Christianity or Islam. The only difference is how those who are offended react.

      That is pretty funny that the group only has 10 members, though. LOL!

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