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This week on the GodDiscussion Show: The “X-Women” ("X-Scientologists,” that is)

This week on the GodDiscussion Show: The “X-Women” ("X-Scientologists,” that is)

We're going to hear some riveting stories on this week’s God Discussion show, as women from around the world share what it was like to be members of the Church of Scientology, including their experiences with the deep spy functions within the organization and "rehabilitation" camps.

More former members are beginning to speak out, particularly with increased media attention to the darker side of the church, protests by the group “Anonymous,” and court actions such as the recent announcement that the Belgium federal prosecutor’s office has characterized the church as a “criminal organization” in its pursuit of various charges against Scientology, which have not yet been litigated.  Some of the women on our Friday, January 4, 2013 show, however, were at the forefront of the wave of “coming out” stories – some still remain anonymous and others are willing to say who they are.  They’re unsung heroes in their quest to expose human rights abuses.

Our panel of "X-Women" are listed after the show notes.  The times listed for each guest appearance below are planned, but may vary due to the live nature of the discussion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHOW NOTES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Show Time: Friday night, January 4, 2012, 6 Pacific / 7 Mountain / 8 Central / 9 Eastern / GMT=Saturday, January 5 @ 2 AM

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Scientology guestsSautez got involved in Scientology when she was 17 years old and spent the ten years as what is called a “public” (known as a parishioner for people not familiar with Scientology).  Sautez joined the Sea Org when she was 18.  Pursued by shady elements of the church since quitting, Sautez says that her family was destroyed by Scientology and she speaks out to save others from the same fate.  Sautez contacted us regarding a show focussing on the women’s experiences in Scientology and brought all of the guests to the discussion.  Sautez will be telling her story live from 6:15 PM Pacific / 7:15 PM Mountain/ 8:15 PM Central / 9:15 PM Eastern and will share her insights during other segments of the discussion.

Nancy Many spent 30 years in Scientology.  She was in Scientology's infamous Guardians Office, headed up by Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of the Church of Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, until Mary Sue went to prison.  Many also worked as a “deep cover underground spy” in “OSA,” which is an acronym for Scientology’s “Office of Special Affairs.”  Nancy is the author of My Billion Year Contract.  Nancy will share her story live from 6:25 PM Pacific / 7:25 PM  Mountain / 8:25 PM Central / 9:25 PM Eastern.

Scientology GuestsClaire Headley was raised in Scientology from the age of four.  She and her husband Marc , author of Blown for Good , sued the church over lost wages while in the Sea Org.   Claire has also spoken out about forced abortions to The St. Petersburg Times in 2010.  Claire’s live segment will air at 6:40 PM Pacific / 7:40 PM Mountain / 8:40 PM Central / 9:40 PM Eastern.

Lori Hodgson is a former Scientologist who has experienced the nightmare of what Scientology does to families.  Her son, daughter, and ex-husband are still active members and have made the decision to follow Scientology policy by "disconnecting" from her (see Lori's heart-wrenching open letter to her children) .  Lori joined Scientology in 1976 when she was 13. Having virtually grown up in one of the world's most secretive organizations, she eventually left her staff position and continued as a parishioner, known as a "public." Her decision to leave Scientology is a recent one, and so has her brave decision to go public with her frustrations.  Lori will join the show live to share her experience at 6:55 PM Pacific / 7:55 PM  Mountain / 8:55 PM  Central / 9:55 PM Eastern.

Scientology GuestsWhen Nefertiti decided she no longer wanted to work for the church’s punitive “Rehabilitation Project Force” – or RFP – she found herself in a deeper version of the RFP for RFP staffers who had “wronged” or disagreed with the church’s practices.  Fearing for her life and sanity, she escaped – with a price.  She has not seen her children for 25 years. Nefertiti joins the discussion from France, where she speaks out against Scientology and cults in general.  Due to time zone differences, her segment is pre-recorded.

Sharone Stainforth was a personal child servant of L. Ron Hubbard (known as a “messenger”) when she was in Sea Org at 10 years of age.  Joining us from London, Sharone shares what her experience was like, how she was expected to pay for it as part of a “freeloader” fee when she escaped the church when she was 12-year-old, and how the Scientology experience has shattered her family.  Sharone fights for human rights and in particular, children’s rights, that may be threatened by the church (see her blog, Scientology – The Apollo series).  Due to time zone differences, Sharone’s story is pre-recorded.

The phone lines will be open either between and/or after the two pre-recorded segments.  During this time, Sautez will be available and some of the other guests might still be available (we are juggling a lot of time zones, so it might be too late for some to stay the entire broadcast).

As always, the chat room will be open and archives of the show will be immediately available via the BlogTalk Radio widget on the bottom of this and every other page on GodDiscussion.com.

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