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Pope Benedict XVI offers blessing for Ugandan homophobia

Pope Benedict XVI offers blessing for Ugandan homophobia

After hiring a former Fox News executive to overhaul communications, the Vatican and Pope Benedict has given support to the Ugandan bill that outlines homosexuality as a crime, and under certain circumstances, can result in capital punishment for those who have been charged with homosexuality or aiding and abetting homosexuals.

The God Discussion has reported frequently on the situation in Uganda, which has become a target for Christian fundamentalists who have been unable to convince the leaders of their own respective governments to enact anti-gay legislation.

On 14 December 2012, Ugandan Speaker Kadaga led a delegation to the Vatican for the purpose of attending the World Parliamentary Congress on Human Rights. During this visit, Kadaga met with Pope Benedict, at which meeting she received his blessing.

Uganda's 'New Visionreports that after Kadega met with the pope, she stated,

“I think this is a moment that cannot be repeated. We have been reading about him, hearing stories about St.Peter’s Basilica but now we are here physically. I think it is something that I will remember all my life. It’s a very great moment and I thank God for this opportunity.”

The groups that have been most active in Uganda include the National Organization for Marriage, and California mega church pastor, Rick Warren. Frequent visits to Uganda have been on the agenda of the religious right for years, and their activities include spreading anti-gay sentiment, increasing homophobia and peppering the country with propaganda that includes pedophilia by homosexual, the destruction of heterosexual marriage and families in general, and the wholesale spread of the AIDS virus.

This has resulted in members of the LGBT community suffering daily attacks, which include beatings, torture, rape and murder. If the Ugandan government passes their legislation, these attacks may be viewed as state-supported.

The Catholic Church has long been a detractor of the LGBT community, and has put forth statements that any form of birth control – including the use of condoms and birth control pills – to be more detrimental than HIV or the state execution of homosexuals.

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  • Spuddie

    Not the first time the papacy has either looked the other way or tacitly supported violent bigotry under the color of law. I guess one should not expect much from a pope who used to be a Hitler Youth.

  • DavidSG

    More evil is perpetrated in the name of religion than with any other excuse.


    Homosexuality is demonic and it is not a human right. The theives will also ask for human rights to steal! we shall not allow your perversion to spread. Bible condemns it. it stinks

    • DavidSG

      Yes, kill them all in the name of your all merciful imaginary friend.

    • amyjane27

      to shana god did not write the bible or create religion man did that and as such is open to change

  • gabriel_syme

    This whole story is a pack of lies.

    The Pope does not support the Ugandan efforts to criminalise homosexuality and introduce the death penalty.

    Catholicism is a fierce opponent of the death penalty in any and all cases, as laid out in the Catechism. Additionally, the Catholic Catechism explicitly promotes the dignity of gay people and their right to life free from abuse or harm.

    Speaker Kadaga and Ugandan politicians did not meet with the Pope in person. Rather, they were a few people among crowd of thousands who attended a regular Papal audience. Everyone at such an audience receives a blessing as a gesture of goodwill from the Pope. It applies to the entire crowd – it is not directed at specific individuals and does not condone the actions or opinions of individuals.

    Additionally, Speaker Kadaga is not a Catholic, she is an Anglican (protestant).

    In Uganda, it has been the Anglicans who have sought to introduce these terrible laws, not Catholics. The Catholic Church was the only organisation within Uganda which openly opposed the proposals, calling them "fundamentally unChristian".

    So, really, what has this story of Ugandan oppression got to do with the Pope or Catholicism at all? Nothing. It is to do with Anglican protestants.

    People should be careful to have a wide and balanced news intake, so as not to fall victim to shameless lies and propaganda such as this article.

    • DavidSG

      Thank you for pointing that out

    • Peter

      I have no love for Catholicism, but you are right on this issue.

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