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Alabama Judge Roy Moore states evolution and marriage equality incompatible with Constitution

Alabama Judge Roy Moore states evolution and marriage equality incompatible with Constitution

In a recent appearance on the radio program 'City on a Hill,' recently re-elected Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore stated that same-sex marriage and evolutionary theory is not compatible with the United States Constitution, and added commentary that both of these issues will undermine our governing document.

Additionally, Judge Moore's commented on his belief that same-sex marriage will result in an apocalyptic judgement that will 'destroy this country.'

The God Discussion reported on the re-election of Moore in an article published on 9 November 2012 that covered the voters in Alabama giving Roy Moore his seat back as chief justice after being thrown out of the office ten years ago.

Moore stated,

“It’s clear the people have voted to return me to the office of chief justice. I have no doubt this is a vindication. I look forward to being the next chief justice. Go home with the knowledge that we are going to stand for the acknowledgment of God."

The controversy surrounding Moore came when he installed and later refused a federal judge's order to remove a two and a half ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the Alabama Judicial Building in 2000.

Moore was removed from his office, and still maintains the order from the judge was unlawful, and that he should not have followed it. Moore promised he wouldn't return the monument to the courthouse when he returns to the bench. He states his point has been made, and it is not about the monument, but about the acknowledgment of his God.

Moore has two failed bids for the Governorship of Alabama, and was politically irrelevant for a long time. He turned to grassroots support, along with name recognition to get his old seat back. Judge Moore also had the benefit of a base of voters who associated him with the Ten Commandments.

The Raw Story reports Moore's latest round of commentary to include,

"What we’re doing in this country is—if Washington and Jefferson and Madison, name one, if they were alive today would be up in arms. None of them, federalists or antifederalists, never believed that it would come to this. Those that were for big government like Hamilton, Washington, Adams would never have believed that our courts would be doing what they’re doing today, that people would be trying to change the definition of marriage. We don’t take a moment just to stop and clear our eyes and our ears and think: what is happening when a President of the United States can get up and say we need to redefine marriage? You know, when they do that they are attempting to destroy the very foundation on which this country was built."

Judge Moore also denies the facts surrounding the scientifically proven theory of evolution, stating in his radio appearance that,

“Evolution has so distorted our way of thinking. We know we were created but they say we evolved from whatever, something out of the ocean, you've got to understand that evolution affects your mental processes."

Moore also made statements to the effect of losing the 'knowledge of god,' and how teaching history is comparable to a football game, where one goes to see who wins or loses, forgetting 'the rules' (referring to the bible).

For more commentary, quotes made by Moore, audio files and relevant links, please read the whole story on The Raw Story.

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  • Alabama, doubling down on stupid once again.

  • I wonder which particular part of the US Constitution contradicts evolution? If it does the constitution should be changed.

  • melissa

    What a complete fucking moron. Always embarrassed to admit I am from bammer.

  • So sad and outrageous. There are many of us here in Alabama who think perhaps he wouldn't have been elected this time (not really "re-elected," as the article states, given the years which have passed since he was removed from office) had there not been what appears to have been a lot of voter and poll worker misinformation. There were numerous reports of people wanting to vote straight GOP except for Moore, but being told they couldn't do that. 🙁

  • George-Daniel Wolf

    Great man. Deserve respect

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