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Existence of Bigfoot called more likely than homosexual orientation

Existence of Bigfoot called more likely than homosexual orientation

A report filed by 'Right Wing Watch' states that Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton believes there is more evidence for Bigfoot than for homosexuality being just 'Who We Are.'

In an interview with popular radio talk show host, Janet Mefford, Stanton referred to a study by The Quarterly Review of Biology, which states that epigenetics is likely to explain homosexuality.

Stanton rebuked the study, primarily due to the two main researchers whose disciplines include the field of evolutionary genetics. Both Stanton and Mefford said they were suspicious of the the study because it relies on evolutionary theory, which neither of the two understand.

Mefford stated,

"It’s strange, you have scientists here headed up by an evolutionary biologist at the University of California Santa Barbara and right away I saw ‘evolutionary biologist.’ Is there more of a propensity do you find for people who subscribe to evolution and have an evolutionary bias to buy into this?

Stanton replied with,

"They do come with that bias but basically the evolutionary sociobiology as they call it is a very interesting field of study, basically as I read it and I read it all the time because that’s the norm or the orthodoxy, it’s basically trying to utilize evolutionary theory for explaining what God did: there’s a male nature, there’s a female nature, we’re affected by these things. So they talk about our evolutionary development for why men tend to be more sexually adventurous and why women tend to be more sexually conservative, well you know it takes as much faith to believe that these things evolved as it does to say, that’s the way God wired us.'

Stanton maintains his point of view, and later admitted that he believes when science contradicts his religious beliefs, the science is wrong and 'leads to rebellion against God.'

He further stated that he believes that science and his religion are compatible, and that Christianity is responsible for the creation of scientific investigation. Thus, he says,

"…At the end of the day, God is right, he is true, he is lord, and he set things in orbit, not just inter-planetary, but within our human makeup. When we follow those things, good things happen; when we rebel against them, bad things tend to happen."

Like many creationists and fundamental Christians, Stanton does not give credence to any scientific links to homosexuality, particularly in the field of biology. His statements to the effect that the science behind human sexuality is political, and those who hold advanced degrees in theology or better qualified to speak on the subject.
Stanton ended his commentary by stating,

“..quite literally there is more evidence for Bigfoot than there is that homosexuality is just who we are.”

He further maintained that there is no evidence homosexuality is not a state of being.

For more information, relevant links, audio files from Janet Meffords show and related commentary, please read the story at Right Wing Watch.

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